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What is a Internet Marketing Blog?

An Internet Marketing Blog is what it sounds like a Blog dedicated to internet marketing

At we’re Dedicated to helping people find what they are looking for online for free. Simply put this is an Internet Marketing blog. The reason we use the term Internet Marketing blog is because we believe in marketing aspect of information. We use the marketing component to help our readers find what they are looking for in words we hope they can understand.

On the writers side of things RichInWriters will not tell Authors how to write or tell Authors what to write, as long as you do not spam your readers or write slanderous or offensive content you can be a part of the RichInwriters friendly community. Help us make the Internet a better place and we will do my best to help you achieve your goals and objectives. RichInWriters focuses on the long term outlook of the world wide web and we try to keep everything as fair and as simple as possible.

Not a good writer?

don’t worry just make sure you give it your best effort, don’t sign up if you plan on writing articles that just say “click here” or sign up now. Authors at this Internet Marketing blog must provide some form of useful Information whenever making any post. Our authors main objective should be to educate and help their reader(s), It’s very Rewarding to here someone say “thank you” , and for you as an Author/writer we guarantee if you put in your best efforts that everything will gets easier on every post you make, the more you write the better you will become.

What else can RichInWriters do for you?

We Can Help you…

We can help you become a better writer.

You can Add YouTube Video’s to your Blog posts
We might be able to Help improve your SEO rankings in major search engines.
Improve any shyness you might have writing by allowing real users to comment on your blog posts.
Reach your target audience.
learn from other like minded individuals
We can also help you by not restricting you or telling you how you should write we only ask that you do your best work every time.

RichInWriters Contributors

There are many other benefits to joining the that you learn with experience best of all It’s completely FREE. When you sign up you will be assigned a role as a Subscriber. If you would like to become a Contributor you must contact admin, When you are moved to the role of Contributor you will be able to write posts freely which will be moderated only for duplicate content purposes by admin.

If as a contributor we find that you are providing unique articles to your readers you will then be assigned a author role at which time you can publish as many posts as you wish. Duplicate Content is not Acceptable if caught your account will be deleted without notice. Thank You for considering our service.(this page was last updated 11/29/2010)

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