000WebHost.com Review

000 Web Host found at 000WebHost.com is a web hosting service provider. It is named as such because it basically provides free web hosting services. However, unlike other free web hosting services offered by other companies, this offer from 000WebHost is TOTALLY free. It doesn’t come with ads just to urge users to pay a certain amount for an upgrade. What’s more, its services and features are deemed to be one of the best in the industry.

More about 000WebHost

For free web hosting, there’s nothing more a user can ask for from 000WebHost. Aside from its impressive performance and 99% uptime, users will enjoy its 1500 MB of disc space and and 100 GB of monthly bandwidth. It also has good satisfactory tools to help one get a decent design for his website. One more good thing about 000WebHost is that it allows users to create email accounts for their website.

This free web hosting offer does allow the use of CGI scripts and doesn’t support Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails. If users find these as a need, they can opt for an upgrade by paying less than $5 a month. Paid users can also take advantage of its online chat and telephone support (free users can only rely on forums and FAQ section for help).

Final thoughts on 000WebHost.com

Many consumers instantly get suspicious when something is being offered for free as many companies use this an upfront for their paid versions. However, it’s not the case of 000WebHost.com. Its free web hosting is good enough for a typical user looking for basic web hosting needs. The features may be quite limiting but an upgrade is possible for those who think they need more than the free services being offered.

The most recommended and reliable web hosting service company is Host Gator.