110MB.com Review

110 MB found at 110MB.com is another web hosting service provider. True to its name, the company offers 110 MB of free hosting space with no ads. Many web hosting companies offer the so-called ‘free hosting’ only to find out that it is studded with ads, urging users to pay for an upgrade. This isn’t the case of 110MB.com.

More about 110MB

The free 110 MB offered by the company is indeed free. It doesn’t come with ads to convince users for an upgrade. However, the free hosting of 110 MB has some limitations. While it claims to have no ads, this free hosting will add a footer to the user’s site where they can do the advertising themselves though this is not the kind of ‘pushy’ advertisements that other companies have. Aside from that, it does not have other customer support other than the forum. Some users may also find the free hosting insufficient for their needs as it doesn’t allow MySQL databases, doesn’t have PHP sendmail facility, and has limited scripted installs.

For users who find the features of the free hosting plan insufficient, they can opt for an upgrade. Aside from flexibility and functionality, users will enjoy the following features when they’ll opt for the premium hosting plan: unlimited disc space, unlimited bandwidth, and one-click install for a good number of scripts. However, other than these, 110MB no longer offer other competitive features.

Final thoughts on 110MB.com

110MB.com may offer free hosting space and some of the most basic hosting features with its free hosting plan but then, other than those, it doesn’t offer something more for the users even with its premium hosting plan. The features of the said plan are are not as competitive as what other web hosting service providers have. Also, 110MB.com doesn’t have telephone support and has a very limited online client support.

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