125,000 booster dose appointments were scheduled through Ontario’s booking system within the first two hours of it being open to the public – December 21, 2021,

This is something to watch because I thought that number was pretty low considering the media fear tactics related to Omnicron, I thought at least 500K within 48 hours. I personally expect those numbers to swell to at least 5 million by March 2022, unless of course, another variant emerges by then. I like what the Regional Municipality of York did which was to prioritize “residents who are 50 years or older, are immunocompromised or have not yet received their first or second dose, since these groups are more likely to get severely ill or get sent to the hospital if they contract COVID-19.”.

I personally think this is the best path forward, so far the Omnicron variant has proved as deadly as the Delta variant and that’s a positive. I will say that I’m hopeful we’re nearing the end of the madness, the governments’ response to this has been a one size fits all approach which is quite silly if you ask me.

I like that some politicians have the guts to target the groups likely to be the most affected by the virus because based on data so far if Delta wasn’t as deadly as Omnicron and most Ontarians we’re recovering without vaccinations, only the most vulnerable should be prioritized. In no instance do I recommend people be forced to take vaccinations and I’m hoping soon we can start OPENLY talking about alternative cures because there are many with little to no side effects but they’re not government-approved, because well, you know, there’s money to be made. Anyway, I’ll be monitoring these vaccinations numbers, if you’re at risk or you simply feel like it’s better to be safe than sorry, please get yourself vaccinated at your earliest convenience.

An Ontario City Is Already Completely Booked Up For Booster Dose Appointments | narcity.com

Interesting times ahead