$15 FEDERAL minimum wage coming to Canada, Canadians should get used to an even Higher Cost of Living once this Liberal Party BUDGET 😂 bill passes – May 3, 2021,

#LateStageSocialism Minimum wages and Rental Controls are the most damaging laws to an economy, because once these laws are passed, there’s no going back. Imagining being a politician and saying to wage earner we’re going to cut the minimum wage😂? Good luck getting elected, the other destructive law are rental controls, hey 65+ year old Canadian we’re going to remove the rent control laws, so that market forces can bring prices down😂 The average Canadian would look at you and “be like = wtf are you talking about”.

Why I write this is because Chrystia Freeland is as clueless as she looks, and I’m writing these words to my fellow Canadians because there’s a chance most of us on the Conservative Right are going to be silenced and once this happens, the economic turmoil that follows will be hard for most Canadians to comprehend, because they’ll have absolutely no point of reference, rich people bad, Liberal Government good!

Chrystia Freeland has a low financial IQ, she’s not qualified for her position, and so far with the “success” of their wreckless spending who can blame Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau for assuming their political promises don’t come with economic consequences. Both Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau are silver spoon Liberals, they didn’t only grow up rich, they grew up with little to no responsibilities, with Chrystia Freeland I’m pretty sure she said to herself for the greater good it’s about time we force the private sector to raise wages in the middle of a pandemic! What’s the big deal? Chrystia Freeland probably said to herself, people are starving and those rich SMALL and medium-sized businesses regardless of what province, city, or rural area they’re located in should pay ENTRY LEVEL workers more money regardless of the market signals.

What does this ultimately mean? What does a FEDERAL minimum wage hike really mean in Canadian dollars? It means the cost of living will go up and STAY there guaranteed, it means your purchasing power will decline, it means smaller portions at the grocery store, as most food suppliers instead of VISIBLY raising prices will instead shrink the sizes of what they’re selling.

This is, of course, a direct attack on the Canadian standard of living, it will equate to more automation, even more reliance on imports from Communist China, and make it very difficult for the Canadian economy to recover. The Canadian dollar might actually go up in relation to other currencies which will equate to wage earners having to compete more and more with foreign competitors and automation because whenever employers can, they will automate and even hire foreigners.

Canada does have a relatively open-door immigration policy that benefits certain entities, but a $15 minimum wage also equates to a wage hike for PROFESSIONALS! Because let’s say I’m an auto mechanic who makes $20 an hour in 2021 or even a PSW that makes $18 per hour, should I be making nearly the same amount of money as a person who flips burgers for a living? When the government starts price and wage fixing, all sorts of unexpected problems occur.

It’s bad enough whenever Provinces raise the minimum wage, things get even worse when the Federal Government raises the minimum wage because the Federal Government often ignores the MICRO impact and instead focuses on the macro impact. The macro impact of a minimum wage hike equates to price inflation which TEMPORARILY benefits tax collection, the micro impact is that it’s going to lead to a higher cost of living which hurts the WORKING CLASS FIRST because they have to SPEND MONEY TO GO TO THEIR JOBS! if energy and food prices go up as an example, these added costs will eat away at your higher wages!

I always like to remind people that the real tax cheats are not the rich, the real tax cheats are the people who are either on welfare or who consume more from the Canadian economy than they produce. A person dependent on the government doesn’t care about the cost o living rising, because they’re not paying for it with their labour. It’s the people who work in this country that pay for these silly government prices and wage control schemes. Anyway, the nail in the coffin for the Canadian economy came months ago with the creation of the CERB, and DEBT DEFERRALS this is just confirmation of price inflation and economic DEFLATION!

Regarding the election law changes, if Canadians want tyranny we’re going to get it, the welfare state GUARANTEES social and economic destruction, it’s a foregone conclusion. I did a lot of charity work in third world countries many of which are run by socialists POLITICANs, I like to remind the readers that it’s the people most dependent on the government who will suffer the most!

There are still rich people in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe but what you’ll observe if you go to these third-world nations is that the well-to-do people are doing well, because they do not put their trust in politicians or the government, they simply adapt to the corruption. If the people in a third-world democracy want the government to do this or that, those with common economic sense either adapt to it or flee! society slowly dissolves into a dog-eat-dog world and historically this leads to war or excessive poverty. Once the government starts picking winners and losers, it’s game over.


Liberals’ sweeping budget bill includes $15 minimum wage and election-law changes | cp24.com

Interesting times ahead!