Nineteen Eighty-Four-Very Sad Day for Russia😢: Russian court orders closure of country’s oldest human rights group-Putin’s crackdown on independent thought – December 28, 2021,

Although China as an example is currently doing better economically than every Western nation, there are still basic human rights concepts that a lot of Westerners take for granted that don’t exist in the thoughts of most Chinese people. Socialists or Big Government loving people often point to greed as being the problem with capitalism, well, I’ll take greed over political speech any day.

Currently, Justin Trudeau is the Prime minister of my country, without the global acceptance of fiat money, my country would be beyond bankrupt, meaning that a lot of Canadians are living in an illusion, however as of today’s date, Canadians can still voice their concerns for the how their country governed FREELY, meaning that I will accept an economic crash any day as long as I and my fellow countrymen can voice their grievances with their government.

Economic problems are one thing, many of us understand that the federal government and its regulations on the economy are the real culprits of creating monopolies, and wealth disparities meaning that during an economic collapse it’s simply a matter of austerity measures and shrinking governments role on people’s lives which will allow abundance to flourish once again. If an economic collapse occurs and the freedom of speech is allowed, it won’t take people long to figure out that we need to cut the government regulations in order to bring prosperity back.

However if people are prevented from speaking in a manner the government deems unacceptable, people who know how to solve economic problems will keep silent. Why am I bringing up economics when human rights are often considered a social justice debate? It’s because political speech is an ECONOMIC REGULATION on the economy.

The creator of Etherum Vitalik Buterin a Canadian-Russian programmer, he could have simply been a Russian programmer, had all the regulations in the Russian economy never existed. Russia continues to miss out on the genius of its citizens, many of whom don’t want the headache of being confronted by their Federal government, because they’ve created a novel concept that could threaten the Russian establishment.

In the Novel by George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four, once speech is controlled all sorts of weird things start happening, human behavior changes, solutions to easy to fix problems all of sudden become complicated, smart people that behaving weird, because everyone is no longer thinking about thriving, people start thinking about surviving.

That’s what happens when the federal or any other level of government or leadership for that matter starts to control free speech. Many of us that call ourselves Conservairtves today are actually Liberals, but Liberals in the Classical sense, before Leftists co-opted the Liberal movement. Liberalism initially sought to get religious(Conservative) ideologues off people’s backs, but the people hungry for control then saw an opportunity with Liberalism.

The people we call Leftists today sought to replace the grip of power the Church once had and replace it with an atheistic powerful State, which of course seeks to redefine morality. So in this modern era, the Conservative is trying to conserve classical Liberal values, while modern Liberal tries to replace what was once a power church with an even more powerful State.

In Russia, morals are not replaced with what’s the greater good for the Russian Federal Government. The Russian federation via their courts have now rid the country of a peaceful human rights group it deems not aligned with the values of the Russian Federal government? Where economics comes into play with all of this is because prosperity destroys dictatorships.

The Western World is bombarding herself with unnecessary ECONOMIC regulations, these economic regulations are so numerous that now both Socialist Russia and Communist China have economic advantages over a lot of Western nations. It makes many of us laugh to imagine Germany having to be reliant on Russian energy? Germans are very smart people, but it’s almost a thought crime for any German to think of Nuclear energy as an option? The Germans will go as far as to dig for coal to avoid Nuclear energy.

How did this happen? This happened because protestors and special interest groups in Germany decided to pick economic winners and losers. Germans known for over-engineering decided that nuclear could not be remade, and instead should be abolished from thought, so much so that Russia is evolving into an energy powerhouse. This is the economic-social connection with Nineteen Eighty-Four.

When you prevent people who could improve the lives of all humanity from flourishing, darkness and evil reigns. Don’t imagine that the devil or negative energies will give up without a fight, don’t imagine negative forces of the universe are stupid, no, the negative forces of the universe are as fluid thinking as you and I and they’re well aware that for every action there’s a reaction.

This is a very sad day in Russia, I’m hoping Western economies can emerge mighty once again!

Russian court orders closure of country’s oldest human rights group |

Interesting times ahead!