The 2001 shooting death of Justin Sheppard and changing the culture of violence in SOME black communities in Toronto – May 1, 2021,

You feel a mother’s pain when you read particular articles, Justin Sheppard was a 19 year old with a lot of potential and his life was cut short via gun violence. The Justin Sheppard story hurts not only because he was the half-brother of former NBA star Jamaal Magloire but because nobody came forward to point out who killed him.

There is a no snitching policy in a lot of black communities, for whatever reason, there are enough black people in Toronto who refuse to assist the police, it’s a bad enough problem that black people overall get a negative stereotype. Now, to be clear, most Black people in Toronto and I would say Ontario as a whole are law-abiding tax-paying citizens, however, black politically based community leaders when they present themselves to the media for whatever reason appear to care more about protecting the black criminal element than they care about praising the black Canadians who contribute to our standard of living.

Mobsters hate the police, gangsters hate the police, rapists hate the police, criminals, in general, are the people who hate the police. In the adult world, none of us expect the police to be perfect, which is why people like me aren’t fans of gun control, it’s unlikely Justin Sheppard would have been killed in the manner in which he was if Canadians were educated about how to use a gun and defend themselves from criminals.

I don’t want to get off-topic, but criminals love disarmed citizens and when Justin Sheppard was killed he was disarmed and under Canadian law not even allowed to legally defend himself.

The government catering to ‘black culture’ in my opinion is the problem, I can talk to a Black Conservative like they’re a grown-up, but a black person who leans more to the Left politically and believes it’s the governments’ role to micromanage the lives of everyone, I wouldn’t dare hold a conversation with them in fears, they’d misinterpret what I’m saying and potentially label me as a racist.

Some Black people genuinely believe that their problems stem from them being black, but I argue the problem is a lot of humans, in general, reject the idea of INDIVIDUALISM. What ended slavery and changed the minds of most white people in the Jim Crow South was the CLASS of those Black Americans. Black Americans of that era outclassed the white racists, they followed the law, they would even turn in black criminals, but it was never enough for the collectivist National Socialist whites who believed wholeheartedly in white supremacy.

When the Television and the then HONEST media shined a light on how stupid racism looked up close, most reasonable white people rejected the idea of being associated with so much hate. Unfortunately, Black politically motivated opportunists in America saw the power and praise Dr. Martin Luther King received as a way for them to profit in a similar way.

Race hustling is now a billion-dollar-a-year business, in the article below, they use of the word “culture” to describe why people of color need special attention. Excuse me but I know a lot of black people who are more culturally Canadian than some White Canadians. trying to lump all black people into this one category in hopes of securing money from the government doesn’t reflect well on blacks, Muslims, Whites, asians, or any other ethnic or racial group.

I personally don’t even like that French Canadians get special privileges, in order to be Prime Minister of Canada, you pretty much have to know French? Collectivism is extremely destructive. When it comes to Justin Sheppard the question needs to be why didn’t anyone come forward and name his killer?

Waiting for a witness
By Sean Davidson, Jessica Linzey & Joan Webber | CBC

Why are so many black people and people in certain communities afraid to talk to the police? When you can answer this question you can answer the question of ‘why criminals feel so comfortable killing black people!’ Communities put a value on life when they help law enforcement STOP a VIOLENT criminal element.

In America as an example, because it’s not cool to snitch, criminals become more brazen, because they know after killing someone, or destroying their own community they’ll have the support of that very same community they destroyed. When any community exhibits behavior that caters to criminal activity, that’s where the criminals will go. This is not complicated, and pretending it is, is a disservice to law-abiding black people.

I’m certain that someone knows who killed Justin Sheppard, but we don’t have supercops, if people aren’t willing to come forward to help Audette Shephard then, we need to work to change that culture. I don’t like racism because I find most humans to be fickle and untrustworthy, I prefer people who believe in individualism because a selfish person at the very least cares about their freedoms and will therefore treat his/her neighbors’ life and property like their own.

I learned some years ago that “The Hood” came from removing the words “Neighbour” as in “Neighbourhood” and instead what remained was “The Hood”. I think “The Hood” mentality is the problem in certain communities and it’s not only a problem in communities of color, it’s a general problem. When the government gets too big, smart people try to stay as far away from the government as possible.

The police are the enforcement arm of the Government and coming forward when you’re living in ‘the hood’ or have a hood mentality could complicate your life unnecessarily. If you were a black person from ‘the hood’ who knew the person who killed Justin Sheppard, would you come forward, knowing that ‘the hood’ probably wouldn’t support you?

I know a lot of black people have turned their backs on “hood life” and instead embraced individualism, that’s how we beat criminality, by treating all humans as individuals worthy of life, liberty, and the pursuit of PROPERTY/happiness!

If you know who killed Justin Sheppard come forward and help heal the wounds of an ailing mother! To all you law-abiding humans you’re doing yourself and your country a disservice by Aiding and abetting criminal activity. These criminals are not your friends and will eventually turn on you or even become the people who kill your children. End the violence!

Victims of crime in racialized communities say they need more support | CBC

Interesting times ahead!