2021 Liberal Party Victory Leads To The Last last walk-in clinic in Yukon Territory closing: Leftist killing incentives for students to become doctors in the territories – November 18, 2021,

First and foremost one must first remind people that Leftist ideology creates ANRGY, entitled people with unrealistic expectations. Whether it’s Liberals or the NDP and even to a lesser extent the Conservative Party of Canada, once people are convinced that using GOVERNMENT FORCE to over-regulate Canada’s most productive, smartest, and hardest working people, the reaction from these working-classes of people will be to abscond from government tyranny.

Now, I’ve heard from several people, who’ve worked in the Territories of how mean-spirited some of the people are there. As many people know Russia was once communist and France is known for being pro-socialist, well when you check the rankings both France and Russia have the reputation of being the rudest countries in Europe.

Although Canada has the reputation of having the nicest people on the planet, if you ask people who work for a living, many will say this is changing RAPIDLY. With France and Russia, these countries are old, so one could imagine how their governments destroying their market economies would lead to people’s discontentment with life. But Canada is still a fairly new country and it’s only been since Pierre Trudeau that Canada has taken a sharp turn towards Leftist ideology.

Now, in a market economy, because of the abundance of private ownership, EVERYONE is incentivized to be kind to each other. Health care under NATURAL LAW isn’t a RIGHT. No human is entitled to the labor of another human, slavery was abolished in Canada, and don’t imagine that being paid in fiat dollars can’t make you a slave.

Money is merely an incentive to do work, but when the REGULATIONS to make a certain amount of money become unbearable, more and more productive people will avoid certain professions, and if let’s say a person spends 8 years becoming a doctor, the last place they might want to work in is the Yukon Territory, especially if they imagine that the people of Yukon look at them as an overpaid slave, who they own because they pay taxes and taxes help to pay doctors salaries.

Doctors join forces with farmers, small business owners to protest proposed federal tax reforms-2017

Doctors join forces with farmers, small business owners to protest proposed federal tax reforms-2017

a Political piece of crap named Bill Morneau

Multi-Millionaire Liberal Party Member Bill Morneau, who also has an adopted child is what I call a millionaire that offers the MARKETPLACE little value, it’s easier for the marketplace to replace a Bill Morneau type than it is to replace a Doctor. Whether politics or the private sector, the truth is Bill Morneau in the marketplace could be replaced by a monkey.

Dozens who oppose tax changes gathered outside Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s Toronto office(2017)

Doctors join forces with farmers, small business owners to protest proposed federal tax reforms(2017) | cbc.ca

So for me, when Morneau was making a conscious effort to demonize Canada’s self-employed working classes, even inferring they were tax-cheats it really upset me, so I could only imagine how Doctors felt. I need my Canadian, dentists, nurses, contractors entrepreneurs to FLOURISH in my country, because when they flourish my standard of living increases. Money is useless if it can’t buy products and services with that money, this is something Leftists do not understand.

Left-Wingers have been brainwashed to look at the world differently, Left-Wingers believe that without the government, Doctors, nurses, etc. will cheat them. Left-Wingers focus on money and how to use the power of government to bring prices down or make services FREE. Now, once a Universal Health Care law is passed, Left-Wingers imagine Doctors to be public property and therefore demand the government do something when doctors stop practicing in certain regions.

This in case you’re wondering is why prices get so high in certain regions in Canada, this is one of the reasons why there are water problems in certain regions of Canada. When you lie to people and convince them that the government has a better option than a market economy, all sorts of economic distortions appear.

A doctor has to measure the COST of practicing in certain regions of Canada, having lots of money doesn’t make you immune from mental health problems, doctors are still human beings. if you imagine money cures all problems, you clearly haven’t researched the histories of most rich people. Being rich or having a lot of money can actually make your mental health problems worse.

I personally do not like to be around miserable people, it’s taxing, especially if s a doctor you’re having to take care of one miserable person after the next. Now, if you’re working in a Canadian city but after work, there are a plethora of entertainment venues you can attend to after a stressful day at work, most professionals will go to these places to unwind, but if you’re in a place like Yukon, that votes Liberal, thereby making it harder for Private businesses to flourish, this also leads to a doctor having fewer places to unwind after a tough day at work.

Leftists are short-sighted and Leftist voters often remove humanity from their political ideology. As this idiot ideology spreads, it creates more problems than it solves. Yukon voted for the Liberals in 2021 and for many working-class and/or productive people I could only imagine what that Liberal victory represented for them.

In the article I point to below the person interviewed stated the following:

“I feel very betrayed. I feel betrayed by a system that I have supported all my life,” Blythe, 71, said.

“And as I age, I expect that the things that I have supported will be there to help me.”

Blythe wants to see more action from the territorial government — including a new walk-in clinic sooner than later — and more incentives for students in the territory to become doctors.

Yukoners go to emergency room for basic care, after territory’s last walk-in clinic closes | cbc.ca

I began this post the way I did because people don’t understand that elections have consequences, not everyone is brainwashed by Leftist propaganda, you might imagine yourself to be the smartest person in the room, but everyone has their own opinions, Conservatives aren’t a bunch of racists who want to oppress people, some of us simply pay close attention to ACTIONS.

What is the cause and effect of particular government action? It’s not about what we wish the world was, it’s about how the world is. This beautiful country was built based on INCENTIVES, the incentives for the INDIVIDUAL must outweigh the COSTS, so when a Leftist imagines that incentives must be based on their idea of social justice, they’d better underthings from the perspective of people doing the actual work.

Now, if attracting doctors to a certain region is rare, it would be smart to ask yourself if your government has gone too far LEFT!

Interesting times ahead!