21localnews.com Scam

If you visited to this website beware that theres a good chance that it might be a scam. they try to bring you to websites that are know to scam people like business coach kit who sometimes doesnt disclose how much they will charge the customers credit card. The websote also puts fake badges on its website to deceive the buyer and make the buyer feel like they are protected when they are not.

Also today when i check i could not access the terms and conditions on the order page not exactly sure why that was but if your thinking about purchasing from them and you can not access the terms and conditions don’t sign up because theres no telling who they might sell your credit card to. this a terrible money making scheme and you should beware also Black belt marketing as known to take money from users unexpectedly so beware the whole set up is a scam and i don’t recommend you get involved with anything coming from 21Local news.

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