2Plus7.com Review – Is it a scam?

2Plus7 which you can find at 2Plus7.com is a work-at-home opportunity in the form of network marketing. Network marketing is a legit form of money-making opportunity on which you earn money simply by recruiting people under your line. Founders of this opportunity, Dean Sasser and Dean Gutch, claim that this opportunity enables one to earn a continuous flow of income.

More about 2Plus7

Network marketing in the form of matrix system has become common these days. This form of network marketing brings continuous flow of cash by recruiting more people into your line. In 2Plus7, it follows a linear fashion. It’s called as such because you earn commissions once you are able to recruit 2 people and once there are 7 paying members under your line, you are able to cycle out move on to the next level.

The more you cycle out more often, the faster will be your movement from one rank to another. What’s more, you can also earn as much as $810 if you are able to cycle out for 30 days. More money will come if you cycle more often on higher ranks.

Final thoughts on 2Plus7.com

2Plus7.com is just one of the many network matrix programs out there. Just like any business/money-generating opportunity, you shouldn’t get into it if you don’t fully understand it. It would be better if you understand how it works first before you sign up.

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