3 men charged in Swansea Mews murder in 2013, $150,000 in repairs if you snitch – Tenants forced to leave community housing complex temporarily due to ceiling collapse – June 5, 2022,


I was reading the news about a ceiling collapse in “Swansea Mews” which is a housing project in the West End of Toronto, and I remembered a story I read some time ago that I found strange. In the story dating back to 2013, some community organizers offered $150,000 in repairs if snitches came forward to report on a murder.

Questions are being raised over a move by the head of the Toronto Community Housing Corp. to reward residents of a west-end complex with housing upgrades after they co-operated with police in a criminal investigation.

TCHC CEO Gene Jones announced earlier this week $150,000 in repairs for Swansea Mews, a housing complex located at Windermere Ave. and The Queensway.

According to TCH, several residents came forward to police with tips that led to three arrests after a 26-year-old man was gunned down Aug. 5 at the complex in broad daylight.

Concerns raised over TCHC decision to award repair money in exchange for police tips | ctvnews.ca

I remember reading the story and having a difficult time making sense of it. It boggles the mind even when I think about it now, because I didn’t even know the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) had that type of money. Now, so I’m clear the Toronto Community Housing Corporation is like Municipal Crown Corporation, it’s PRIVATE, it’s public. a Crown Corporation is a State-owned enterprise. Maybe calling the TCHC a Crown Corporation is the wrong choice of words, but Canadians understand what Crown Corporations are, and can therefore understand the difference between a private corporation and a Public one.

3 men charged in Swansea Mews murder | citynews.ca

Long story short in exchange for what appeared to be a deceased criminal, snitches in a community housing project got $150,000 in upgrades. Now, this is an embarrassment for all sorts of reasons, because first and foremost, one would assume people should be willing to snitch for free, after all, they’re living off the Ontario taxpayers, and wouldn’t they want these crazy gangbangers off the street? and huh, they need housing repairs? and if there was $150,000 available why did someone have to die in order for the money to be released.

Toronto man shot dead had faced robbery, weapons charges | cbc.ca

Again reading that story boggled my mind, which is why when heard about the story I point to below, I’m reminded of why the government needs to be kept small and why most government people in Canada want NOTHING to do with building housing for the poor. Even the far-Left NDP which basically has a stranglehold in B.C doesn’t build housing for the poor.

Why don’t government people want to build housing? Because of the maintenance costs! A lot of people on government assistance are DESTRUCTIVE, and when they’re not destructive, they’re VERY demanding. Housing and health care, I can remember going into Toronto hospitals and observing how rude some of the people are to the medical professionals.

Behaving as if medical professionals owe them something because Canada has Universal Health Care. The same is true with a lot of housing project. a lot of the people living in these housing projects are quite destructive, a reminder that Christopher Kotsopoulos the man shot in 2013, was killed in the Swansea Mews housing projects. It’s not uncommon for bullets to go off in certain Toronto housing projects and remember when guns go off in these places, the residents aren’t going to fix the structural damages, those tasks are passed on to the GOVERNMENT.

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Now, you have to remember the residents of these projects, don’t have jobs, any taxes they’re paying like sales taxes they’re paying from the money they got for free from the government via the taxpayers. The ones that do work and are living in these government housing projects aren’t paying MARKET rents and even if they start paying it one day, one can only imagine how much money they saved not having to pay market rents in the past.

I bring this up because these housing projects get free water, and free electricity, and there’s usually a unionized GOVERNMENT or contracted maintenance staff, and a reminder that Ontario is running a deficit. The concept behind community housing is that one day these residents will be a net POSITIVE to society, but as we all know, sometimes project housing has multiple generations living there, never to leave and never to be a net positive for society.

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Anyway, below is what is happening to Swansea Mews in 2022, a ceiling collapsed, why? Because the government doesn’t want to be in the housing business and if the government doesn’t want to be in the housing business, it should END rent controls and guarantee the private sector rental controls can not come back for at least 50 years.

The government pretends to know what it’s doing when it comes to housing but it clearly doesn’t. One of the reasons that there are all of these condos in Toronto where rental housing should be is because the Federal government offers more benefits to condo developers than the Provinces and municipalities can over rental developers. Investors like to make money and would GLADLY house poor people if the government would allow them to PUNISH destructive BEHAVIOR WITH HIGHER RENTAL PRICES.

TCHC CEO Gene Jones rewarded people for snitching, landlords would do the exact same thing, and tell tenants if you’re not destructive to our property, your rent prices won’t go up. Or if you’re willing to do your own repairs, we’ll keep your rents low. People can cut deals with their PRIVATE landlords, one of the reasons this doesn’t happen is because instinctively when tenants feel like they’ve been wronged by their landlord, they run to the government.

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Making matters worse are these below market central bank-infused interest rates which reward bad behavior because in the past a bad landlord could go bankrupt. In this Zero Percent Interest rate policy economy, you’d have to be a real idiot of a landlord to go bust now. Anyway, consider reading the story below, because it’s the real reason why the government doesn’t want to build housing for the poor = Maintenance Costs!

Tenants forced to leave community housing complex temporarily due to ceiling collapse | cbc.ca

Interesting times ahead!