3 of Canada’s Wealthiest Provinces Saw Their Population Decline in 2021: Brain Drain? The numbers suggest that Wealthy Canadians With The Ability to Relocate Have Relocated during Covid-19 – December 24, 2021,

I remember reading about population declines in Ontario and the first thing that came to my mind was COVID-19 regulations, I think people tend to forget that Wealthy people have options and nothing frightens wealthy people more than Draconian laws. I have to be honest, I didn’t pay attention to the numbers that much because if you have the money, why stay in Canada if you don’t have to? But then I read an article titled “Canada Welcomed More Immigrants In 2021 Than It Has Ever Before In A Single Year” and well, the numbers don’t make any sense.

The article claims that Canada welcomed 401,000 new permanent residents this year, which I understood, but as you know, Canada has a brain drain problem, which for obvious reasons goes underreported, because what’s often ignored is that smart immigrants, don’t always remain in Canada, because of Canada’s push to socialism, Canada in a few years might find herself with the same problem plaguing the United States.

The difference between the United States and Canada are “States Rights” what I mean by this is that in Canada we have “Transfer Payments” and every single Province in Canada collects income taxes, this doesn’t exist in America, in fact, some of the U.S States don’t collect any income taxes and didn’t even have lockdowns during the pandemic.

If you’re a Canadian who consumes a lot of American or Canadian mainstream News, you might be looking at America from the way the Right or Left-wing media is portraying it, when in fact the reality is far different.

Criminal behavior in America as an example is often concentrated in certain pockets, within certain cities, within certain neighborhoods, whereas the other areas, enjoy a much better standard of living and low crime rates. Now, you’d know this if you had money to travel, but you wouldn’t know this if you’re a Canadian who imagines that nothing can get any better than what we have going on here.

By the way when you think of “wealthy people” you don’t have to imagine the uber-wealthy, you can also be talking about the highly intelligent who have talents that allow them and their skills to be in high demand wherever they go. The reason I bring this up, because it doesn’t appear coincidental that Canada’s richest provinces saw the most outflows of people. The article I point to below makes it appear that Canadians are relocating to different provinces, but I contend that those provinces were growing because of newly arrived immigrants.

I have yet to see a booming provincial economy in the provinces seeing these supposed inflows? Maybe this will occur down the road, but this exodus from Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan appears more tied to people leaving the country than it does to people relocating to different provinces? You have to remember something about the way Canadian data is collected.

If you leave Canada and keep residential ties in Canada, you are usually considered a factual resident, and not an emigrant. although you left Canada, you are still considered to be a resident of Canada for income tax purposes.

Are you an emigrant? | canada.ca

You can still be a resident of Canada and even vote for Prime minister and as an example live in FLORIDA, as we know a lot of Albertan residents actually come from other provinces and only reside in Alberta to work. One part of the data I do agree with is that younger persons are relocating from Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, to more Left-wing provinces. Older people understand how government policy can lower a province’s standard of living better than a young person or even an immigrant will understand it.

Prior to Justin Trudeau, Canada had a merit-based immigration system, Justin Trudeau has embraced a more American-style immigration system, meaning that unlike immigrants in the past, that had skills to offer Canada, Canada is likely to have more welfare-dependent immigrants moving forward. It’s not to say that all past immigrants became a net positive for the Canadian economy, it’s just that in the past, it was more likely that immigrants would be a net positive to the Canadian economy, because of our merit-based immigration system.

In America, immigrants who have no desire to work or contribute to society, tend to avoid Republican or Conservative-Democrat States. Welfare is usually distributed via the State, so what a lot of the lazier immigrants do is they move to the U.S State and major cities with the most generous government Welfare programs. This is why as an example California finds itself with so many homeless people, many of whom, emigrated to California from either other countries or from moderate-Conservative States.

Over 200K Canadians Have Moved Provinces In 2021 & Some Spots Are More In-Demand Than Others | narcity.com

When I see Left-wing provinces seeing growth, apparently at the expense of the more Right-Wing provinces, that’s a clear sign to me that more welfare dependents are moving to provinces that will reward them more for contributing less to the local economy. In closing the reason I’m writing this post is that you ought to pay attention to regulations on the economy.

People with means have options and government data, as well as the political beliefs of Canadian media, will often form a narrative not to scare you about what is happening. In Venezuela as an example, it caught a lot of people off-guard when businesses and other productive people began leaving the country, because of their government mandates. Regulations on Venezuela’s most productive citizens, equated to many of them, simply leaving Venezuela, and when they left the country they often left QUIETLY! Not every Jew waited for Hitler to start killing Jews, some Jews, began emigrating long before Hitler became more aggressive.

Snowbirds eye return to Florida even as sunshine state battles COVID-19 | cbc

You have to remember that the decline in Venezuelans standard of living didn’t happen overnight, it was gradual, not that I’m comparing Canada to Venezuela, it’s just that when I notice the media in Canada pushing a narrative that they clearly can’t confirm it’s spooks me out! In Canada, we have egos and we imagine Canada as a much better country than those backward Americans.

Record-breaking number of Ontarians chose to move out of the province | ctvnews.ca

It’s not clear that Canadians are emigrating in droves to Florida and the other U.S States, I do live in my own bubble, and a lot of people I know left Canada months ago and haven’t returned because they don’t like the lockdowns nor do they want to pay the fines to return. I’ll be honest that I don’t trust Canadian statistics, so maybe the people I know are only a small sample size, but where they are scattered all over Florida and other U.S States, there are thousands of other Canadians there with them, that’s what they tell me, and they’re not only snowbirds, these are people who have young children, engineers, computer programmers, etc, who don’t have to live under tyranny by the various levels of the Canadian government.

When I see information being presented I have to wonder, and if you’re reading this chances are you’re wondering the same thing I’m wondering, what’s really going on here?


Canada Welcomed More Immigrants In 2021 Than It Has Ever Before In A Single Year | narcity.com

Interesting times ahead!