Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

At least 30 patients in Ontario hospitals are fully vaccinated, out of 11 deaths RECENTLY REPORTED linked to pandemic-virus 6 occurred more than one month ago – September 11, 2021,

For Ontarians not paying attention, not only are unvaccinated Ontarians recovering at a very high rate, but the Ontario government is also going out of its way to find traces of the pandemic virus in the dead, to raise its death count numbers.

Meaning that even though the pandemic virus may not be the root cause of the death, Ontario is going out of its way to find any traces it can of the virus in people, which is interesting because as I like to point out, a lot of people in the past had influenza when they died, but because influenza wasn’t ruled as the main cause of the death, the influenza death count based on today’s standards was artificially suppressed.

Now, maybe there’s a good reason the Ontario government is doing this, after all, similar to Influenza, the pandemic virus mutates as most viruses do. But what annoys me the most is the reporting, the reporting of what’s really happening is why Canadians shouldn’t want the government controlling freedom of speech.

The bought and paid for media as well as whatever government is in power has the right to create narratives it believes will get people to do what it wants them to do, but, we expect transparency, when I read most of these stories, the truth is usually carried in the middle of the story, the headlines will read 11 dead in one day, but then you reed into the story and it turns out 5 died, and the other deaths happened months ago.

Then when you research as to why it’s taking so long to report the pandemic deaths, you learn that the government is looking for any traces of the pandemic virus in people to INFLATE their numbers, which again, I don’t disagree with, it’s just that Canadians should be aware that this never used to happen. The flu numbers could have easily been a lot larger than they are now if the flu was treated the same way the Pandemic Virus is being treated.

Lastly what’s often ignored about the fully vaccinated still getting the Pandemic virus, is the reality that influenza never stopped mutating and a lot of people no longer get the FLU SHOT. In Ontario, family members of mine who used to get the flu shot every year can no longer get the flu shot because it’s no longer available.

Now, I personally believe that it’s nearly impossible for medical professionals to tell the difference between the Flu and the pandemic virus, because, well, this pandemic, in my opinion, is all about CORPORATE WELFARE, the pandemic virus pays way more Money to Big Pharma than the flu shot pays.

Personally, I think a lot of people know that the pandemic virus is overblown, but Big Pharma is POWERFUL and they’re going to milk this corporate welfare for all it’s worth, and the governments all over the world, love this new power they’ve gotten, so this to me is why governments all over the world are exhibiting behavior that is reminiscent of fascist and totalitarian governments.

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