3,000 unvaccinated health workers in B.C. on unpaid leave: Canadians Can now Freely Protest in Silence As Politician’s Learn The Downside To Their Silly Regulations – November 1, 2021,

If you study history there’s nothing abnormal about what’s happening now, progressives have destroyed all sorts of societies, the USSR was a Progressive experiment, Mao’s China was a Progressive experiment. I get it that some people imagine that because of technology, that we’re in an era in which progressive ideals trump common sense, but humans love freedom, it’s just how we’re wired and if you find a way to limit our freedoms, we’ll find a way to screw you over.

Even in North Korea, look at the measures their government has to take in order to keep the people in line? A reminder that slavery usually occurs because the government is too BIG! When people feel trapped, they’ll rebel in sorts of ways, people in Western countries imagine Chinese people to be these subservient people who don’t protest the Chinese Communist Party, sure most don’t but many do, and the Chinese Communist Party has to go out of their way to keep people in line.

In Western countries such as Canada, the vast majority of us still imagine our government to be benevolent, so even when tyranny is staring us right in the face, we see polite faces that merely want to guide us in the right direction “TAKE THE F*CKING VACCINE YOU SLAVE!” in Canadian sounds more like “please take the vaccine or we’re going to eventually take your livelihood away, ok!?”.

So this is all well and good if like China or North Korea, you don’t work then you starve and die! But in Western nations, free markets equate to people imagining that they have an infinite number of OPTIONS. Most of the people stupid enough to believe in these vaccine mandates still imagine that they’re free to choose.

I mean, after all, they got vaccinated, so you should too? When the government tells them to jump off a cliff you should too! Are you trying to kill people you selfish anti-vaxxer? Take the jab, you’re preventing me from living my life, didn’t you hear what the Government and the media have been trying to tell you for over a year now, get the freaking jab?

The anti-vaxxer especially the anti-vaxxer who works for a living says to Liberated Leftists, so what if I don’t get the jab? What are you going to do about it? As an example there’s already a shortage of nurses, if I’m a health care worker, especially an experienced health care worker, I’ve seen how often health care professionals QUIT after they realize how many government regulations they have to adhere to while serving the public.

But you know in Leftist-Land, all employees are easily replaceable, yeah, let’s fire those 3000 health care workers, they’re easily replaceable, open the borders allow a flood of migrants into the country, we’ll show those selfish health care that we don’t need them. These are some of the illusions Leftists bring forth to humanity.

Believers in big government put the collective ahead of the individual, I personally think this in large part because when you REJECT Austrian economics and individualism, finding any solution for humanity becomes taxing and Leftists inevitably become mentally weak and mentally lazy, which results in…Let’s outsource our problems and desires to the government, they’ll fix everything by making up new rules and sending us free money with free resources.

Anyway so you can read the article below for yourself, a blind man could have seen this coming. But, I’m still going to be watching these events, because nothing happens in a straight line.

More than 3,000 unvaccinated health workers in B.C. on unpaid leave, Dix says | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead