$31 million payout for Ontario Catholic teachers after salary grievance launched

You can read this article in full for yourself and I appreciate the Toronto Star for publishing this story:



Well another day, more Liberal vote buying and I again have to thank the Toronto Star for posting this story because I didn’t even know about this. Why Catholic schools are funded by the government is beyond me. I want to make it clear that I don’t have any problems with any religions but why is the Catholic school system government funded? Why is it provincially funded? I’m actually opened to the idea of municipal funded schools, because it would make for a competitive atmosphere, however I’m not a fan of this.

Honestly and I’m just be honest here, I’ve never seen the Liberal party as corrupt as it is now. This is pure madness. I genuinely can’t believe what I’ve seen from Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne. To me this is a clear sign that either these Liberals are really clueless of the disasters they’re causing or Canadian voters don’t understand that they’ll be the ones on hook for these fees.

Ontario try to understand something when the Liberals give away this money, you’ll be paying for it later. Liberals have a history if inventing new taxes to taper up problems that were created by them creating a prior tax. That’s part of why they call them Tax and spend Liberals. The money comes from the Private Sector and the more you charge the private sector to operate in your jurisdiction the more the private sector will either disappear or consolidate. When the private sector consolidates prices go up and of course once companies are consolidated they’ll gladly raise prices to match whatever fees the government imposes because they (the large corporations) won’t have any competition.

The public education system as an example doesn’t have any competition, so teachers can choose to be good hardworking teachers or teachers just just do enough to collect a paycheck. Being that there exists no A school voucher system in Ontario I know a lot of Ontarians who nearing 40 years old that have never had a full time teaching gig. Ontario please wake up, this is going to cost us all and what’s worse are the effects these debts will put on our children.

What people aren’t realising is that even if Kathleen Wynne loses the coming election the clean up for this mess she caused is going to be extremely difficult.