More than one in four Canadians Appear Opened To The Idea of offering PRIVATIZED HEALTH CARE: 37% of Canadians Want to deny unvaccinated publicly-funded health care🙏Bring Back Private Health Care – January 19, 2022,

So in both Canada and America, they’ve been doing these Nazi and White Supremacist polls, that in actuality target communities of color, of course when they publish these polls they’re not reminding Canadians or even the people taking the surveys that a large chunk of the unvaccinated are indeed people of color. In America, most of the people in favor of draconian measures regarding the unvaccinated are Left-Wingers, which again is why National Socialism aligns perfectly with Left-Wing Ideals.

I think it’s shame, that most people associate Nazis, and Neo Nazis with the Right Wing, when National Socialism, was basically a Labour Union Party. Nazi is an acronym for the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. In the United States, it’s a well-known fact that Black people for obvious reasons don’t trust EXPERIMENTAL vaccines, a reminder to people that there was nothing normal about “operation warp speed”. One of the reasons these vaccines have proven to be so ineffective is because they broke all the normal protocols, to help Donald Trump get re-elected.

COVID-19: Democratic Voters Support Harsh Measures Against Unvaccinated |

In the United States, one of the number one factors that led to all the criminality amongst Black people is absentee fathers, because soon after minimum wage laws and other white supremacy economic barriers which shipped jobs overseas, a lot of black men turned to a life of crime. Even if you’re one of those people who subscribe to IQ discrepancies amongst blacks, whites, and Asians, low wage jobs and a lower cost of living not only kept YOUNG black men employed, which gave them responsibilities, a purpose for living, it also gave them a chance to move up the economic ladder WITHOUT a college education.

Again, labor unions were designed to protect WHITE PEOPLE from capitalism, even in the modern era, you’ll still hear white people say that minorities are driving down wages. If you have a problem with lower wages BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR you low IQ socialist morons. Anyway, even white people know that if the father ends up in jail, the offsprings are likely to end up in jail also.

Nearly half of Dems say fines, prison time appropriate for questioning vaccines, poll says |

Now, with all the criminality happening in America involving black people and being that black people percentage-wise are the least likely to get vaccinated, what is the first thing Democrats voters want to do if given power? Imprison more black people? Do you see the inconsistency amongst Left Wing people? It’s not so much that Left Wingers want to be inconsistent, the problem is that they have no moral compass, Left WIngers operate like The Terminator.

Superpredators was the term Hilary Clinton used to describe black people and at the time, the term was popular, because the thinking back then was let’s use the power of the government to end the criminal scourge as fast as possible, fast forward to 2021, crimes are back up, because, with the creation of a new type of criminal, a lot of back families were left without a father, which the Democrat Party for more votes wanted to solve by releasing as many criminals as possible?

While allowing violent criminals to be released from jail, other Democrats are looking to lock up NON-VIOLENT black people, do you see where I’m going with this?

Half of U.S. States Have Big Racial Vaccine Gaps Heading Into Omicron |
Bloomberg News’s tracker shows which states made the most (and least) progress in equitably vaccinating people.

In the poll data, I point to in the article below, you’ll notice that in almost every instance, Blacks lag behind whites when it comes to vaccines? I imagine the same is true in Canada, and in Toronto where I live, Black people some of whom have illegally obtained guns make up a large chunk of the unvaccinated, now, the real question is if Canada starts to criminalize more NON-VIOLENT black people and slap them with a criminal record they can’t erase? for a disease, the government can’t control, what does the future in Canada look like?

Even in the U.S article, I point to below, the positive spin they attempt to put on the article can’t hide the facts.

The latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data reported that race/ethnicity was known for 74% of people who had received at least one dose of the vaccine. Across 42 states covered by the CDC, 60% of white and Hispanic people had gotten at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose as of Jan. 10, 2022, still higher than the rate for Black people (54%).
People of color have been less likely than their white counterparts to get a COVID-19 vaccine — but that is finally changing |

With all of this left-wing ignorance and racism established, let’s look at the positives to the data coming from these polls, PRIVATE HEALTH CARE, should be considered, because as Canadians know, the data points to the unvaccinated being a strain on the public health care system. I’m 100% open to getting rid of Universal Health Care in Canada, I’ve been writing about this for years now. Let’s get rid of it, or allow those of us who don’t want it because we don’t use it, to OPT-OUT.

Even as a vaccinated Canadian, I’d be willing to wave my rights to use this crappy universal health care system if the option to have private health care was available? How about it Canada? Let’s make Universal Health Care optional, if you don’t renew your universal health care card, you can now purchase health insurance and not qualify for any public health care coverages?

How about allowing a private health care market to flourish in Canada? I personally avoid Toronto hospitals like the plague, the walk-in clinics are fine with me, if I never had to use a public health care service in Canada again, I’d be okay with that. I’m even willing to continue to pay all the existing taxes associated with universal health care, after all even though my kids are in private schools, I still pay property taxes for kids who are in public schools.

What I want is the option to choose and instead of these silly additional taxes, and calls for jail time how about allowing a private health care system in Canada to flourish. Enough of this racist bigotry against minorities pretending to be a hard stance to fight Covid-19, these politicians have no idea what they’re doing, they’re merely trying to get elected and make themselves more powerful via the virus. Early during the virus, Justin Trudeau sought to make himself a Dictator, luckily he didn’t have a majority, otherwise who knows what he would have done.

For people unaware as to why Australia went full draconian it’s because Scott Morrison has a MAJORITY government. To those of you who think Erin O’Toole would have been any different than Justin Trudeau, a reminder that Scott Morrison is the Conservative or the equivalent to Erin O’Toole. So stop pretending that this is a Left-Right issue, it’s a cultural issue.

People economically dependent on the State will cheerlead for tyranny, they don’t want to have to earn their keep, they want the government to continue to steal on their behalf. In closing what makes these vaccinations different from other forced vaccinations, is that covid-19 keeps mutating and it’s deadly for specific demographics of people, it’s basically the flu, in fact, if the death numbers of death with COVID, were not included with the deaths BECAUSE of covid, we’d be talking about covid-19 being a flu.

I actually blame operation Warp speed for most of the buffoonery. But there’s hope, let’s allow Canadians to have a choice of privatized health care because the problem appears to revolve around the unvaccinated ended up in hospitals, and because some of the Premiers in Canada are idiots who fire health care professionals who don’t want to be vaccinated, staff shortages are proving to be extremely problematic for the PUBLIC health care system.

I agree that people who refused to be vaccinated should have to use private health care, the problem is that a private health care market hasn’t been allowed to flourish in Canada, YET. So that’s what I want, a PRIVATE HEALTH CARE option in Canada, I don’t want to be forced to use universal health care.

More than one in four Canadians support jail time for unvaccinated: poll |

Interesting times ahead!