3 questions get the girl review

Deep down inside all heterosexual males desire one thing and that’s the secret to getting laid. I mean imagine being able to get laid by any woman you want at any time you want wouldn’t that be great? I think that would be wonderful but as most of us get older we realize that things don’t really work like that. 3 questions get the girl otherwise known as an intro to Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s box coaching program does a pretty good job motivating men on how to approach and also understand the different types of women.

The education in itself I think does a good job educating men on tips to getting beautiful women. My only issue is well the getting beautiful women aren’t as complicated as most men think. So if you want to know the real secret to finding attractive keep reading. Well what I should say is keep reading if you have some balls.

Tips to meeting and attracting beautiful Women

Location, location, location  most of the guys that have beautiful women or associate with beautiful women are one way or another in the entertainment business. They’re usually the guys that get into the V.I.P rooms in the club for free or they’re bouncers or something entertainment related, they know and understand the language they know and understand things women want to hear or things women are looking for. Not being in the entertainment business puts most men at disadvantages when it comes to attracting and keeping a beautiful women.

If you’re not in the entertainment business don’t worry this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for you but what it does mean is that you might want to get out more and go to or get involved in places where there are many beautiful women. In my personal opinion a club or even a bar isn’t always the best choice to do this. That being said deep down inside you know where to go to find beautiful women the problem is most men are wussies, yes I’m talking to your inner wussy, that person inside you that gives you excuses for why you can’t get laid, that inner person that makes you scared to approach women. Find a pair of balls man

Final thoughts on if 3questionsgetthegirl.com can help you

If you’re a straight up wussy and need some help finding a girlfriend or need some tips on how to attract a women 3questionsgetthegirl.com and any other dating program will help you. In my opinion most men are either lazy or need motivation in order to get laid. Personally I find that hilarious, If you can’t man up and get laid I guess 3 questions get the girl will be the answer to all your prayers. But for those of you with some balls dress nice smell nice be a pleasure to be around let yourself mix and mingle go and get laid. I have friends that are fat and ugly as hell getting laid, I have a friend that is paralyzed from the waist down getting laid. What I will point out about these individuals however is that they have great personalities and don’t care about what people think of them. These individuals don’t make excuses they’re go getters.

The bottom line about getting laid is not every woman is going like you in sexual way especially right off the bat. I’ve had several situations with women where it took me several month’s to have sex with her because she didn’t like me at first, do not turtle up when you meet ANYONE that’s the lesson. The more you mix and mingle the better your chances. Friends first and be a pleasure to be around smile laugh make jokes talk even if you’re not funny. Steal material from other people everywhere you go. The more you go out the more stories you’ll have to tell which will make you more of a pleasure to be around. Be a MAN pull your skirt down girly man.

Anyway if what i’m saying sounds like too much for you consider 3questionsgetthegirl.com best of luck

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