4x1Fortune.com Review – Is it a scam?

4×1 Fortune of 4x1Fortune.com is an online money making opportunity. Unlike most of the opportunities presented online, the money making opportunity being offered by 4×1 Fortune is on network marketing.

Network marketing, commonly called as Multi-level Marketing (MLM) is no longer new. In fact, this business opportunity has already been existing for years, convincing people that they can earn a legit amount simply by bringing people into their program. 4×1 Fortune’s money making scheme is the same. It lures people to bring in more people in order to earn more money too.

More about 4×1 Fortune

The people behind 4×1 Fortune assures consumers that they only have to shell out $11 and they could get started immediately. This is partly true as once you climb up the matrix, the fee required for it will be taken from your commissions. So, it’s not entirely true that you only need $11 for this business opportunity.

By signing up with 4×1 Fortune, you will be provided with products that will teach you on how to increase your internet traffic. However, the only way to earn from this opportunity is by referring 2 people directly under you and from the 2 people they refer. This matrix is being referred to as 2×2 matrix. If you are able to create 6 sales from this matrix, you will be dubbed as ‘cycled’ and will start receiving commissions.

Final thoughts on 4x1Fortune.com

The concept of 4×1 Fortune could be confusing especially those who are new to it. Thus, before you sign up, make sure that you have fully understood the concept and is willing to take the risks involved. Also, it’s worth to note that not all MLM opportunities are for everyone. So, before you join this one, you better be sure that MLM suits you.

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