a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

51% of Canadians Voted For The NDP and Liberals But This Merger Could Accelerate Consumer Inflation Based on The SPENDING and Regulatory Demands of Both Sides – March 23, 2022,

Justin Trudeau has reached a point in history in which holding onto power is all he has left, at this point when he leaves politics, the question historians will ask is why did Canadians keep voting for this guy? Well, if we can call it for it is the answer will be WEAK OPPOSITION and smart strategies. To date Justin Trudeau has only won a majority ONE time and if we’re to be honest, Trudeau won that majority because of single-issue voters.

Prior to Justin Trudeau, Marihuana wasn’t legal on the Federal crime, and I personally grew up with a lot of stoners who voted for Justin Trudeau in 2015 for that reason only. This was the last time Justin Trudeau won the popular vote. Andrew Scheer convincingly beat Justin Trudeau with popular votes and Erin O’Toole which most gave no chance to win, also beat Justin Trudeau with the popular votes.

Both Erin O’Toole and Andrew Scheer as Conservatives were viewed as Moderate Conservatives- Think John McCain or Mitt Romney in the United States. Canadian politics differs from U.S politics in that Canada has a separatists Party(Bloc Quebecois) which has experienced noticeable growth because of Justin Trudeau and The New Democratic Party(NDP) which is Canada’s Democratic Socialist Party, which is supposed to be against corporate welfare and pro-labor Union.


Rupa Subramanya: Radical left Liberal-NDP deal reeks of opportunism | nationalpost.com

Well, if we’re to be honest, there is only one winning politician who has shown any real contrast to Justin Trudeau since Trudeau beat Stephen Harper in 2015 and that politician is Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-François Blanchet, who you can always count on to vote for the interests of an INDEPENDENT Quebec. Jagmeet Singh who is the current leader of the NDP has been just what the doctor ordered for Trudeau.

I even disagree with the article below, because unless the next Conservative leader is Pierre Poilievre, Trudeau might be one of the longest-reigning Prime Ministers in Canadian history. Because Whether you’re talking about Leslyn Lewis who can’t speak fluent French and who I’ve noticed is willing to play the identity politics game, Patrick Brown who will try to out-Trudeau Justin Trudeau with his own social spending plans, and who I don’t think can speak french? (I’ll have to check) or Jean Charest who comes with baggage and failure attached to his name, this has a Justin Trudeau win written all over it.

The biggest winner in Liberal-NDP deal might be the next Conservative leader | globalnews.ca

Leslyn Lewis, Patrick Brown, and Jean Charest if winners of the Conservative leadership will most likely help to fuel the growth of the People’s Party of Canada, which to date is Canada’s only truly Conservative Political Party, which btw CAN’T seem to win a seat in the house of commons. So if we’re to look back at history and see this situation for what it is, Trudeau, merely became Prime Minister while Canada was going through a transition period.

This doesn’t surprise me in the least, and truth be told, Erin O’Toole I believe talked himself OUT OF BEING the Prime Minister. One of the main reasons the People’s Party of Canada experienced rapid growth in the 2021 election is because Erin O’Toole opened his mouth and attempted to be the Conservative version of Justin Trudeau.

Nothing terrifies a Conservative voter more than a Red-Tory, because a Red Tory will often go out of their way to appease their opposition, meaning that Erin O’Toole came across to a lot of Conservative voters as a man that had the potential of being more tyrannical than Justin Trudeau. Notice How I’ve said little to nothing about Jagmeet Singh? What’s there to say? If Jagmeet Sign wasn’t of South Asian descent, didn’t wear a turban, and didn’t have a beard, people would literally call him Justin Trudeau’s kid brother.

In many instances it’s hard to tell the two apart, if I read a speech written by both Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh, I think the only way I could tell the two apart is the “Universal Dental Care Plan” which is the only thing I can remember that distinguishes Singh from Trudeau. They’re literally the same person, and because Trudeau notices this, Trudeau continues to govern like he has a majority.

In many ways the economic downturn Canada is experiencing is owned by both The Liberals and The NDP. But let me be clear about something, the Justin Trudeau, hijacked the NDP platform, the portion of the NDP platform, that Jagmeet Singh ignored “workers rights, labor unions etc,” is why again Trudeau has merely taken advantage of the weak opposition

60% of Canadians worry about feeding their families amid inflation: Ipsos poll | globalnews.ca

One-party rule or a basic dictatorship is bad for an economy, especially when the ruling power’s weakness is the economy. So, 51% of Canadians based on the last election believe in social spending and growing the size of the Federal government, so far that hasn’t worked out well, Justin Trudeau’s social spending investments haven’t panned out.

Making matters worse Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh continue to make it harder to be productive in Canada. It’s costing Canadians more money to purchase fewer goods and services. Now, if you look at the numbers for what they are, it looks like Canada is headed for recession, headed for a recession when interest rates are near zero? What’s the solution to that? Well, if memory serves me, if consumer price inflation is running red hot and interest rates are rock bottom? Doesn’t that mean that spending and regulations need to be cut?

Without getting into specifics, the Bank of Canada appears headed into a situation in which it will need to aggressively raise interest rates to get politicians to understand that they’re ruining the Canadian economy. For believers in social spending, they don’t imagine the economy as fragile, they assume the economy will fix itself, productive people, on the other hand, comprehend that consumer behavior changes when they lose their purchasing power.

Making matters worse is that not every Canadian qualifies to borrow money, some Canadians can’t acquire debt, and for the Canadians who can acquire debt, their debt gets more expensive to service as consumer price inflation rises. This contraction of the economy sneaks up on it and your tax revenue. You see taxing the rich is a myth, the truth is that the government needs to tax the poor and middle class to be solvent.

If the poor and middle class start spending less, tax revenue dries up, and then it will cost even more money to stimulate the economy. Because if let’s say Justin Trudeau finds a way to send Canadians free cheques in the mail, first off he has to borrow the money, which raises the debt servicing costs and maybe the money Canadians receive in the mail is used to either buy essentials or pay down debt?

Government spending as I like to point out is supposed to be government INVESTMENTS, whether you’re socialist or capitalist, the point of an investment is to get more out than you put in. The idea behind Marxism is that by government empowering the Prolartiat society is richer, well, that never seems to work, actually what always happens when government attempts to invest in the economy is that society gets poorer. The money via the government gets redistributed to the unproductive, which accelerates poverty.

Although capitalism on the surface may appear evil, it’s merely a reality that some people are better suited to handle resources than others. When I read articles like the one I point to below, what I see is the beginning of a recession, not to say Canada is like Venezuela, but prior to the collapse of the Venezuelan economy, although all the signs were there, nobody in Venezuela wanted to believe that an economic downturn could happen to an oil-rich nation?

It happened and when the economic downturn happened in Venezuela, it just became the new reality, for a lot of people it’s hard to imagine a recession right now, only because it’s not official yet, but once it’s apparent there’s an economic downturn, and inflation is still running rampant, it will become the new normal. Whenever I think of Justin Trudeau, I can’t get the image of Kathleen Wynne out of my head. When Ontarians got rid of Kathleen Wynne it felt like we got rid of a burden, it was such a refreshing feeling and I also remember the campaign Doug Ford ran.

When candidate Doug Ford became ran against Kathleen Wynne he didn’t have to run a campaign of emotions, because Ontario had enough of Kathleen Wynne, she destroyed everything she touched. I can’t help but look at Justin Trudeau in a similar fashion, I think once the right candidate comes along, Canadians will rid themselves of him and oddly enough I think Jagmeet Singh might find himself ousted at the same time as Justin Trudeau, so for me, I think this Liberal-NDP merger is fitting.

Yes, I know they’re likely coming after my freedoms, my liberties and they’re likely to attempt to accelerate censorship online. But at the very least this will be an educational experience for Canadians. I didn’t even know the Federal government could freeze your bank account without a court order. I thank the truckers and tyrant Trudeau for opening my eyes to how much power the Federal government has, imagine if the pot was boiling slowly and a future left-wing political caught us off-guard?

Well because of Trudeau, most Canadians are now smarter about federal politics and why certain people should never become Prime Minister. This NDP-Liberal merger is what it is, but in the meantime, you’d be wise to pay attention to what’s really happening in the economy, because when the mainstream media attempts to put lipstick on a pig, you’d be wise to do your own independent research on what’s really happening in mainstreet.

Pent-up demand has Canadians shrugging off spiraling prices, for now | reuters.com

Interesting times ahead!