55% of survey respondents In Quebec Say They Oppose Trans Mountain pipeline expansion According To Angus Reid Institute poll – January 29, 2020,

A major reason why there should be a rethink of transfer payments revolves around the issue of force!. I personally don’t think Quebecers should be forced to allow any pipeline to cross their borders, but I also feel if a particular group of Canadians believes Canada’s Oil and Gas does not have a right to exist then those Canadians shouldn’t be recipients of the public sector taxes which are derived from Canadas energy sector.

Now, although the TMX Pipeline is a pipeline that carries crude and refined oil from Alberta to the coast of British Columbia, the reality is Canada has a growing movement of full-blown socialists, who tend to forget how large a country Canada is geographically. It’s not like travel costs in Canada will ever be the same or even similar to the travel costs in a smaller country like Norway for example. No, take a look at a map and understand the challenges that face Canada’s public sector in the event that the money derived from Canada’s energy sector begins to dry up.

My problem regarding the future of Canada is that generations of children are being groomed believing there is no alternative to the Leftist ideology and Leftist think tanks. At the same time, we’re getting an influx of immigrants who will vote for Liberals in large part so they can not only grow the welfare state but also hopefully bring more of their own family members into Canada. Long term this equates to a large chunk of Canadians, namely younger voting age Canadians who will essentially be voting for their own economic destruction.

In Argentina as well as France, the people have hit a brick wall, because the Millenials have been groomed to believe that socialism is the only solution to poverty. Most people take their beliefs with them to the grave and if you believe in a concept that economically has proven not to work and someone opposes you and you’ve never listened or deemed it important to listen to the argument on the other side of the political spectrum, once prosperity you once enjoyed dries up, you’ll assume in Leftist ideology that the problem stems not from years of study of human behavior, but the problem stems from Right Wingers or your political opponents.

Once people stop blaming themselves for their personal problems and instead begin blaming external forces as the only reason there are any problems in their lives, they’ll develop a mentality that allows them to make excuses for themselves or react violently against their opposition. I remind the reader that it’s primarily Government regulations, price and wage controls as the reasons there are any economical problems in Canada.

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Although there’s a call to phase on oil and gas by many Canadians, the reality is via regulations, Canada has phased out a lot of entry-level manufacturing jobs. The replacement to these manufacturing jobs is mostly service sector jobs or Government jobs. Now, there’s a belief that the technology sector will be a good replacement for Canada’s dwindling manufacturing sector, however, Tech jobs are usually not entry-level, learning to code isn’t entry-level and these jobs will, therefore, be reserved for a particular type of employee.

So as more and more entry-level high paying full-time jobs are replaced with lower-paying service sector jobs, the money needed to fund Canada’s public sector will begin to shrink. Now Canada’s tax structure was designed to give incentives for businesses to do business here, however, via the Trudeau regime the Canadian economy is starting to look less diversified at a time when Canadians and the Federal Government are in historic amounts of debt.

I remind the reader that interest rates globally are still low and even if you believe that lower interest rates are the new normal now and into perpetuity, the money to service those consumer debts are beginning to get higher and higher in a time when wages are stagnant. Now, my argument has always been that wages in Canada aren’t stagnating, the problem in Canada is that via Quebec, the Canadian dollar is artificially low in order to finance Canada’s enormous public sector.

What’s actually happened via cheap imports from China is that the cost of living has come down in Canada, however, the Canadian consumer hasn’t been able to enjoy lower prices because most unionized public sector workers collect pensions and get paid wages that keep up with inflation. I get it, Canadians would prefer to ignore the real reason why the Canadian dollar is low, but the reality will hit in the event Western Canada becomes less profitable.

Now, apparently Justin Trudeau is losing support from the environmentalists, but I don’t believe that for a second, the Lib-Con monopoly is a real thing and the Socialist Left will unite in the event they feel they’re losing a grip on power. The Conservative Party of Canada is doing everything in its power to appeal to the socialist Left in Canada, which basically equates to more of the same if you ask me.

The only difference makers in Canadian politics will be the Western Separatists or the People’s Party of Canada if one of these Party’s gets a political seat in the house of commons, things will begin to change. Canadians seem to like a winner and until an alternative political voice is heard, I expect more of the same which equates to less purchasing power for Canadians hoarding Canadian dollars. The Keynesians in Canada have spoken, deflation of the Canadian dollar is imminent which will have a devastating impact on the poor.

My Gold and Silver investment predictions, for the most part, have come true for Canadians, if you’re planning to save for your retirement without investing in Paper assets, consider hoarding Gold and Silver, because I personally don’t look at central banking as the problem, my approach revolves around public opinion and how people in Canada think. Canadians who vote Lib-Con are assuming the transition or the phasing out of Oil and gas will be a smooth transition, in the same manner, that people assumed CMHC and easy lending hasn’t led to a housing crisis in most parts of Canada.

You see poverty in a developed country is something that creeps up on you, one day you wake up and a 1-litre box of milk for $2 is now a 750ML box of milk of $5. However, The 750ml box of milk might look prettier to look at. I remember a time when I could go into a Canadian retailer and find that the vast amount of items were made in Europe, Canada or America and the prices were similar to the prices Canadians now pay for Chinese made goods.

Now, even if you’ll argue that the made in China stuff may have better quality, have you looked at the Chinese currency in comparison to the U.S and Eurozone currencies? Have you noticed that now Japanese made automobiles outsell automobiles made in North America and for a lot more money? Economic ignorance is pervasive amongst Canadians and we’re reaching a point in which will be very challenging, for the people who can’t see the obvious quickly approaching. Prepare yourselves accordingly!

Opposition to Trans Mountain pipeline expansion spikes 11 percentage points, survey suggests | CBC

Interesting times ahead!