Although they’re only 9% of the population Black community leaders and organizers claim Toronto needs a police chief who understands anti-Black racism – April 14, 2021,

If you look at the non-white racial makeup of Toronto, South Asians are at 13%, Chinese are at 11%, and people identifying as Black are at 9%, and in Toronto, I don’t know too many African Americans or even Black people that are Toronto that didn’t voluntary immigrate here.

Toronto needs a police chief who understands anti-Black racism, community leaders say | cbc

The U.S Black experience and the Canadian Black experience are not the same, it’s pretty obvious that the Black socialist or social justice folk in Canada don’t want to be left out of “Woke” culture, but their demands often sound silly and ridiculous, because the truth is what’s they’re excuse?

There are lots of successful black people in Toronto, now some might not imagine themselves to be successful because they’re consuming “woke” culture, and don’t want to feel left out, but there’s a lot of successful black people, in Toronto, it’s just that there are enough successful black people for political reasons that show solidarity with black criminals, that it makes their morality questionable.

I’ve never understood why any race of people would align themselves with criminal elements that would have their standard of living destroyed, actually, I lied, I know why people do that, they do it for political reasons, you know so they can angle for special privileges under the law.

Blacks people aren’t the only ones who do this, it exists everywhere, you’ll read or hear about Muslims who justify terrorism, Somme white people justify white supremacy, some Chinese people justify the Chinese Communist Party, some south Asians justify the Khalistan movement, but you see when you notice a group of people angling for political power, you call it out for what it is.

The prior Police chief of Toronto was Black and he stepped down because he clearly saw the writing on the wall that the ‘Woke’ political movement was coming for him. How do you balance being a police chief and a political movement that’s going to scrutinize everything your police department does? I know what I would do = “Is my pension secure? do I have enough money in the bank? well… You know what gang, so yeah, it’s Ummm…. time for me to step down as your police chief, sayonara suckers!”

Prior to Hitler coming to power, some Jews and other minority groups left Germany, because they saw the writing on the wall, just because the people who left Germany prior to Hitler’s rise to POLITICAL power are not emphasized in German history, doesn’t mean they didn’t exist.

Ok, so…Instead of being a police chief for all people, the politically motivated Blacks want a police chief that puts black people in a special category, what the hell is “anti-Black racism”? and how often can they move this “anti-Black racism” goal post?

It’s all politics, and Black political agitators tend to forget that the police are part of the general public sector, not only the black public sector. If black people are committing a larger proportion of the crimes in Toronto, is the public sector allowed to go into these black homes and see if part of the reason black criminality is so high has to do with how some black children are being raised in their homes? Obviously not!

With most cultural groups, the saying goes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, now if we’re to treat black people as individuals instead of as a group, I think the numbers would show that most black criminals have parents who don’t take raising their children serious enough. I’ve noticed a difference as an example with Nigerians vs. Jamaicans, not to say Nigerians are perfect, but in Toronto, they tend to do a better job raising their children than do Jamaicans.

If you use the cultural angle, I’d also talk about people I’ve met from the lesser-known Islands, like Grenda, Dominica, or even Barbados, they’re usually far nicer to be around than are Jamaicans, now why is that? It certainly isn’t a racial thing, it appears to be a cultural thing, that possibly stems from how particular cultures are raising themselves and their children.

Now not all Jamaicans do a bad job raising the children and not all Nigerians do a great job raising theirs, but once you start to put people into racial and ethnic groups, stripping them of their individuality, you don’t allow people to get to the micro problem, which let’s be honest is parenting.

When parents do a horrible job raising their children, they when want to externalize the problem, it’s the white man’s fault, it’s the cops’ fault, it’s systematic racism. Because socialists like to collectivize their entire arguments instead of putting the blame on the individual, all Blacks in Toronto are being lumped into this category by these “Black community leaders and organizers”, who let’s be honest should be called “Politically motivated Black community leaders and organizers”.

These Black community leaders and organizers want a name for themselves, they want to be remembered, they want special political perks, power, and privileges, they want to be known as the leaders of the black community? All Black people in Toronto should feel insulted that the media is labeling a politically motivated group of individuals as “Black community leaders and organizers”.

Listen to how that sounds? imagine you heard the words “White community leaders and organizers”? Does that not sound like a National Socialist organization? Leader? Why do black people need a leader or leaders? Most of the civilized world is moving away from the idea that they have these enlightened individuals who are leading people, it sounds ridiculous in the civilized FREE world to have a racial leader.

Anyway, if black Torontonians want Black community leaders and organizers, that’s on them, but don’t be surprised if these so-called Black community leaders and organizers make your lives worse!

Give freedom a chance, embrace your individuality, confront problems head-on and stop allowing politically motivated people to steal your voice!

Toronto needs a police chief who understands anti-Black racism, community leaders say | cbc

Interesting times ahead!