A glimpse into the twisted mind of Patrick Brown and his hope of becoming the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (as few as 20 people show up to his Rally) – April 19, 2022,

If you’re into the whole victimhood narrative, often pushed by Left-Wingers who comprehend that a lot of Canadians watch a lot of Hollywood and are therefore susceptible to the “hero” of the story having to go through trials and tribulations to achieve success, then Patrick Brown may be on your radar, unfortunately, actually, Conservatives have zero interest in your “Hollywood” story, instead, they want to keep government small, nimble and out of their lives.
Patrick Brown has promoted himself as Big Government Conservative from the very start, and when you do this, people like me have little interest in you, in fact, I’d go so far as to say, if Patrick Brown were the leader of the Conservative Party, if someone put a gun to my head and said pick between Trudeau and Patrick Brown, I might pick Trudeau, why? Because there’s nothing scarier than a Conservative Party leader, who wants to make his Far-Left buddies happy.

At least with Justin Trudeau, Conservatives are on high alert and at least with Justin Trudeau, he and his family name are destroyed as he destroys the financials in this country, Brian Mulroney is still hated by a lot of Conservatives to this very day, in fact, I’d if a saw a poll asking Conservative voters who they like better Pierre Trudeau or Brian Mulroney it wouldn’t surprise me if the poll was close or if Pierre won!

Brian Mulroney broke a lot of hearts, but a lot of what Pierre Trudeau did was expected. The hopes for Patrick Brown becoming the leader of the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada are non-existent, in my opinion, he should quit now and stop taking up space.

Patrick Brown and The South Asian Community

The demographics in Canada point to south Asians most likely becoming the largest minority group in Canada, in fact in the next decade, the South Asians may outnumber the Whites in Canada. Patrick Brown is betting large on a South Asian community who will admit that they have little loyalty to anyone as a race. That whole region that surrounds India is very old, there’s a lot of history there, unfortunately for Canadians, south Asians are fans of Democracy but don’t exactly champion Freedom.



One of the main reasons I believe financial education will need to be implemented in Canada’s school systems as soon as possible is because of Canada’s growing NON-CHRISTIAN immigrant communities, many of whom, don’t share Western values. Democracy is a HORRIBLE system of governance, it’s one of the reasons China does better economically than India.

Democracy tends to work well in Western Democracies because Western values seek to LIMIT the power of the State. In most countries, democracy is used against the people, because a lot of people see democracy as a means to REDISTRIBUTE the wealth. a CASTE System could be set up in a Democracy if the politician offers voters the proper incentive. Jagmeet Singh who is south Asian oddly enough found a home in the New DEMOCRAT Party. I’ve met South Asians who claim to be Conservative Politicians telling me to my face their plans to grow the size and influence of the government.

Now, you might think this has to do with race, it doesn’t it has to do with CULTURE! There is little incentive for any minority group to research Western values, many of them don’t understand why many of us VOLUNTEER countless hours to push back against tyranny, we seem stupid to these people who are enjoying the fruits of our labor. Now, it’s not their fault, that they don’t understand us, our school system has been assisting in this country’s suicide and politicians like Patrick Brown seek to capitalize on the ignorance of people he thinks will elevate him to Prime Ministerial status.

My own evidence shows, that second-generation South Asians are opened to learning about Western Values, the problem remains the lack of education. In my opinion, Patrick Brown is all about Patrick Brown and I think the people he seeks to “woo” are seeing right through him. I personally think Patrick Brown has surrounded himself with snakes, I assume for him to attempt to run the race he’s running, that he must have surrounded himself with YES MEN!

I don’t have the energy to write anything else on Patrick Brown, he has no chance of becoming the Conservative Party of Canada leader in 2022.

‘If you show up, I win’: Inside Patrick Brown’s drive for Conservative leadership | NationalPost.com

Interesting times ahead!