A new study reveals unvaccinated Canadians Have More tolerance Against Covid-19 than Vaccinated Canadians, So much so that Unvaccinated Canadians pose a risk to Vaccinated Canadians – April 26, 2022,

People have been getting their flu shot for years, my grandfather as an example still gets his flu shot, he couldn’t get his flu shot during the early parts of the pandemic, but he told me a few months ago he was able to get the flu shot. Now, my grandfather gets his flu shot so he doesn’t have to worry about people who don’t get their flu shots. My grandfather is very outgoing, so for him getting a flu shot is a no-brainer.

But with the Covid-19 vaccines, the media is attempting to push another narrative. the last thing the media in Canada wants is for natural immunity to be more powerful than vaccines. But this appears to be what’s happening. it appears that those who haven’t gotten the vaccine are more tolerant to this ever-mutating virus than those who are vaccinated because if you read the study, it says those who are not vaccinated pose a threat to those who are vaccinated?

That’s a bit of a word salad, the people who are vaccinated should be protected from the people who aren’t vaccinated? It’s not like the people who aren’t vaccinated are dropping dead either. Commonly it’s a specific age or obese demographic that has problems fighting off the disease. With these at-risk people, it’s said the vaccines are saving lives, but it appears that even if these at-risk groups are vaccinated their encounters with unvaccinated could prove problematic?

This is why censorship is such a problem because as an example hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have been proven to… well, consult a government-approved doctor for solutions to dealing with any health-related problems you might have. Based on these new studies, what now? truth be told, I don’t know, we’re living in a world in which the term “misinformation” or “disinformation” is being thrown around, why?

Because critical thinking isn’t common amongst a lot of humans, most humans trust the government, which is fine, the problem is when people who don’t trust the government are proven right, and the government censors them, easy to fix problems could get worse very fast. If let’s say it’s proven that the unvaccinated are building up a stronger tolerance to Covid-19 than the vaccinated to the point that Canadians opt to start treating covid-19 in the manner they treat the flu shot, this censorship push by the government of Canada would have proven to be a huge error.

Remember the real problem is not the vaccines, the problem is CENSORSHIP regarding vaccines. When the government deems it necessary to censor you because you’re not regurgitating their talking points and their talking points are proven to be incorrect, trust in the government wanes. All of this was avoidable and was rather silly in the grand scheme of things because nobody expects the government to get this perfect. But now the government and the media have put themselves in a really dumb position, in which they have engaged in word salads, to appear competent. Don’t think too hard about the article I point to below, accept it for it is, and understand that some people do indeed imagine the government and mainstream media as their only source of truth.

COVID-19 update: New study reveals risk between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations | globalnews.ca

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