A Preview of why Electric Vehicles SUCK: Mercedes to charge electric vehicle drivers an annual $1,200 annual fee for the ability to accelerate quickly 😲 – November 25, 2022,



So in case you’re unaware, electric vehicles have FEWER moving parts, and it’s for the reason that you’re noticing a pattern amongst EV auto manufacturers to get their customers into some sort of monthly fee. For someone like me, you can miss me with all of that techy crap in my automobile; I don’t want ANY software in my care because the software requires maintenance; in Canada, I remember reading a store that a software update in Tesla cars caused the heater to stop working?


Tesla Issues Recall for Faulty Heat Pumps, Loss of Heating in Cold Weather | consumerreports.org
The automaker says a software update should fix the problem, which some Model 3, S, X, and Y owners said left them without heat in extremely cold temperatures

Staying on the topic of Tesla for a moment, imagine your Tesla Inc EV has a SOFTWARE issue, and the disgruntled employees at Tesla Inc decide to go on strike? I was reading an article today in which the employees of Tesla Inc. surveyed were referring to Musk as an ‘Unapproachable Tyrant’ so imagine their Software engineers went on strike? A software engineer is not like a burger flipper; it’s not easy to replace COMPETENT software engineers.

Elon Musk Called ‘Unapproachable Tyrant’ in Tesla Employee Survey | thestreet.com

I bring this to the attention of the reader as it appears these subscription models are becoming more common amongst these Electric Vehicles, they already exist in some shape or form with some modern combustion automobiles, but what Mercedes is proposing makes one think about how the GOVERNMENT will eventually be able to dictate how fast you can drive.

There are a lot of silly ideas that eventually get scaled back; I think this COULD be one of them; paying an ANNUAL fee to accelerate more rapidly sounds pathetic, he lady friend. Did you like that extra kick in my ride? Yea, it costs me $1,200 a year. Does that sound sexy to you? Does that sound like you, as the BUYER of your automobile, have CONTROL over purchase?

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You’d basically be LEASING your vehicle FOREVER because that $1,200 would be a FIXTURE even if you bought the car outright. It would be like strata fees, property taxes, and rent on a car that you supposedly OWN. That’s $100 per month plus taxes just for added acceleration which likely will drain your EV battery more quickly.

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This doesn’t make much sense to me, but maybe it resonates with the younger crowd; I admit I’m dumbfounded by how welcoming a lot of these young people are to tyrannical political leadership in the name of “climate change,” so maybe Mercedes is onto something. I don’t know too many people who purchase their cars with cash anymore, so for most people who want this added acceleration will have to pay for insurance, their lease/finance, their cost to charge, and any other bells and whistles I’m probably not aware of.

If the EV revolution is indeed here, I can imagine scenarios in which the perceived leaders find that their market share shrinks!

Tack on an extra $1,200 annual fee: Mercedes to charge electric vehicle drivers for speed | washingtonexaminer.com

Interesting times ahead!