A reminder Automation requires software and hardware MAINTENANCE: Autonomous bus crash in Whitby, Ontario, Canada leaves man in critical condition – December 18, 2021,

I’ve been writing for years now that I personally think this Autonomous vehicle revolution is a bit over-rated, primarily because there’s an auto mechanic shortage. Because of the over-engineering of most modern vehicles, fixing a lot of these new vehicles costs a lot of money and wastes a lot of time. Like Teslas, for example, their vehicle’s software has to relay information back to Tesla’s central command center and this feature alone requires maintenance, of course, the maintenance of this data collection isn’t cheap.

All it takes is a software or hardware glitch and your Autonomous vehicle can turn into a death machine
and when that happens, who gets blamed? The owner(s), the software, the hardware? The government? the mechanic, the maintenance the lack of maintenance? Who? These are questions most people haven’t even answered yet, because obviously, the people involved or invested in Autonomous vehicles want this to be successful nobody cares to ask these questions.

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Anyway yet another accident regarding an Autonomous has happened, what’s different about this one is that the human involved in the crash is in critical condition, luckily so far anyway, most Autonomous vehicle crashes don’t involve critical injuries or death. So most Autonomous vehicle crashes go unreported by news organizations, but as more Autonomous vehicles hit the road I expect the numbers will increase, because as I like to point out hackers, and general maintenance haven’t made their way into the mainstream debate yet. Most people aren’t aware of the number of Autonomous vehicles on the road right now.


Once the numbers of Autonomous vehicles on the road increase, it’s going to become apparent the overlooked added costs associated with Autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous bus crash in Whitby leaves man in critical condition | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead