A reminder that Justin Trudeau made housing prices higher with DEBT DEFERRALS and CERB: So yeah…Toronto, Vancouver home sales smash records in 2021 – January 6, 2021,

Global acceptance of rule by fiat money has allowed all sorts of misallocations of resources and this supposed real estate housing “boom” is the perfect example of Big government Maleficence. For the record Sweden as an example NEVER had any lockdowns, many parts of America also didn’t have any lockdowns, Canada on the other hand not only had lockdowns we also bailed out the debtors? Bailing out the debtors led to the inflation we’re having now.

Justin Trudeau had a debt deferrals program and he also created The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) which gave financial support to employed and self-employed Canadians who were directly affected by the GOVERNMENT pandemic REGULATIONS on the economy. these lies that Covid-19 caused this needs to stop, it was Justin Trudeau’s response to covid that caused these record level home prices.

Bailing out the debtors has led to a “booming” housing market? Now, anyone with common sense at this point knows the housing market isn’t booming it’s merely responding to government bailouts. The higher house prices go the harder it is NOT to bail them out. What people tend to forget is all of the money that’s assumed to be in circulation really isn’t in circulation, sure it can be if the Canadian government has UBI, but if you think there’s a labour shortage without UBI, one can only imagine what would happen if UBI became reality?

Anyway, this nonsense isn’t worth the effort, fixing this problem is simple, first of all, I’ve heard CMHC is the most profitable crown corporation in Canada, I’d sell it. What’s that you say, there’s probably no buyers? Nooooo, I’m sure some entity will buy it, the second solution is to normalize interest rates, what’s that you say? “normal interest rates will collapse the Canadian economy?”. So if that’s your argument there’s no housing boom, there’s merely a housing shortage, sales are smashing records, debt is merely becoming harder to come to by and you like the governments’ constant intervention in the economy.

If you’re against the Bank of Canada normalizing interest rates stop complaining and enjoy the “booming” housing market

Toronto, Vancouver home sales smash records in 2021 | financialpost.com

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