a WARNING about China and 5G: China took control of an Italian military drone maker without authorities knowing it, report says – November 16, 2021,

So, yeah, those of you who don’t think of the economy as that big of a deal, you should consider looking into how powerful China already is and why you might want to reconsider bringing socialism to the United States. Most of Italy’s best and brightest find their way to GERMANY because the Italian economy is regulation NIGHTMARE, it was a regulation nightmare prior to European Union and it’s even worse now, adding to the disaster is that Italians can no longer print their own money, there have been calls to bring back the Lira, but the problem isn’t the money, the problem is the bloated Italian government, regulation everything it can find.

This has led to Italy signing onto the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, I remember reading an article last year I think it was and the Chinese were building a bridge for the Italians? Rome was once one of the greatest civilizations ever known, and you mean to tell me the Italians need the Chinese to build them a bridge? WOW! Anyway, a large chunk of Latins love themselves some socialism, and China has employed Socialism with Chinese characteristics..

China is one of the first nations in the history of the world to have a fully functional market economy with paper money. Most Chinese people understand that you have to allow the market to build before the inevitable late-stage-Capitalism monster rears its ugly head. So because socialism isn’t the problem, productive Italians for the most part have left Italy, people should also be aware that a lot of things made in Italy are made from Chinese people living in Italy.

China Bought Italian Military-Drone Maker Without Authorities’ Knowledge | wsj.com

I bring this up because it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Italian military drone was taken over by the Chinese, the drone itself AT BEST was probably made in China and assembled in Italy. I don’t think people are understanding what happens when you give up manufacturing. Western Socialists all over the world have declared war on private industry, if you’re a believer in socialism, you’re usually willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING for what you believe is the “greater good” of humanity.

Idiot socialists are indeed idiots, but because so many people believe in big government, it’s likely that only secession movements will slow down Western Socialists from destroying Western civilization. That aside, the story below should surprise no one, that understands the destruction socialists have caused Italy. But be warned if your country allows China to build its 5G network, consider your country occupied by the Chinese Communist Party.

China took control of an Italian military drone maker without authorities knowing it, report says | cnbc.com

Interesting times ahead!