Review – Is it a scam?

Abbey’s Blog found at is actually not a blog but more of an advertising page. In contrast to what a blog is, Abbey’s blog has only one post and that post is solely dedicated to the author’s experience with Easy Cash on Demand, an affiliate marketing program found at

More about Abbey’s Blog

The page features how the author, Abbey Fredrickson, stumbled upon this training program that enables her to work at home and earn a huge sum of money. She claims that this program had helped her earn as much as $379 a day even if she only works for 20 hours in a week.

The Easy Cash on Demand program promoted by Abbey’s blog is designed to teach anyone on how they can earn money within the comfort of their own home simply by posting links. This so-called blog also features the perks of working online and how easy it could be to earn money through affiliate marketing.

Final thoughts on

Though it accounts the personal experience of the author with this certain program, couldn’t be considered a blog. A blog is a continuous process, documenting the person’s interests and experiences. Thus, a blog is expected to have more than one post.

With the way works, it seems to be more of a marketing pitch rather than a blog. Also, the way it describes link posting, which is an example of affiliate marketing, is misleading. One doesn’t earn simply by posting links  but rather through the sales obtained through those links.

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