The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Abortionistas Should Be Stripped of The title “Pro-Choice” They’re Pro-Abortion or “Pro-murder under a technicality” – September 2, 2021,

Most Left-wing people are anti-capitalist, most Left-wing people want women to have the choice to kill babies anytime they feel like it, but this doesn’t give these political hacks the right to steal a capitalist term.

Capitalists are pro-choice, left-wingers want the government to decide choices, abortion is not about choice, abortion is about the government creating a loophole that allows women to LEGALLY kill unborn babies they don’t want, within a time frame decided by the government.

Pro-Choice is about a woman deciding that she doesn’t want some “Baby” growing in her womb for whatever reason she sees fits and this woman wants the government in many instances to finance the murder of the baby she no longer wants.

Now, women have always had the choice to kill or abort babies they didn’t want, but back when women in civilized countries would use hangers to kill babies, throw babies in the dumpster or drop a baby off at someone’s front porch, all humans would treat women equally instead of putting women on this pedestal, whereas now that there are entities like Planned Parenthood, a woman can go into a nice building, sign a few forms and have that unwanted baby exterminated without the stigma of society labeling that woman as a selfish, lazy piece of shit!

Now that women won that POLITICAL fight in the western world, there’s a new perception of women, a lot of men in the modern era feel like they should kneel at the altar of women, in many instances, women are no longer fighting for equality, with the help of abortion clinics, women now fight for superiority, which is all well and good if you can get away with it politically, but dump the Pro-Choice term, please.

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Because I don’t want anyone confusing Capitalism with Abortionistas. If you’re a woman who wants to murder babes at your leisure, sure I disagree with you, but I have no power but create your term, I call you Abortionistas, but maybe you can create a rainbow term that makes all women feel happy while they murder the unborn.

If someone doesn’t want a corporatist medical injection in their bodies, they’re “Pro-Choice” If I own a business and want to hire and fire whoever I want, I’m pro-choice. If I want the government out of education or if I want a school voucher system “I’m pro-choice” Left Wingers are not Pro-Choice, you’re government choice.

Women have always had the choice to abort babies, women have been aborting babies for centuries, what abortionistas want is the ability to get the government involved in abortion, they want a special law just for them to absolve them of all responsibilities because the Abortion laws in Western countries don’t make abortions moral, it makes them LEGAL!

Now, I personally have more respect for a woman who puts her child up for adoption rather than aborting the child, the Macbook I’m using is derived from Steve Jobs who was ADOPTED, most of the kindest, nicest people I’ve met were ADOPTED, but you see when you Abortionistas push your abortion political narrative, you’re stripping the world of talents.

I’ve seen women in countries with NOTHING raise their children the best way they know-how and you know what some of these children end up changing the world for the better. Some will argue that some adopted children are changing the world for the worse, well I know a lot more people with two-parent households who change the world for the worst, so spare me.

Anyway, I want the “Pro-Choice” term back, pro-choice is pro-free-market capitalism, you abortion lovers come up with your own term please, stop trying to blend your “government murder regulation bill” with free-market capitalism, freedom lovers are pro-choice.

Baby murdering is not pro-choice, what you want is the government to create a regulation just for you that won’t put you in jail for killing an unborn baby, that can’t defend itself from your tyranny. This abortion regulation has nothing to do with women being raped because it’s not a targeted law for special circumstances, abortion laws in most countries are universal, show up to the baby murder clinic sign some forms and kill the unborn defenseless baby.

The baby has no choice or say in the matter because the Abortionistas have made their argument that while the baby is being carried by them they can kill it as long as the government says that it’s legal. I do not want Pro-Choice which is all about freedom to chose being confused with a government technicality that allows a particular group of humans to get away with genocide.

Justin Trudeau The Face of Abortion, The Face of Feminism, The Face of Social Justice in Canada

Justin Trudeau The Face of Abortion, The Face of Feminism, The Face of Social Justice in Canada

The gibberish article below by Sabrina Maddeaux makes absolutely no sense from a moral perspective. Social Justice is clearly an ever-evolving term and Justin Trudeau is an ever-evolving feminist, he’s currently the leader of Canada and a very powerful figure for Feminism, I argue Justin Trudeau does what he does for the “greater good” of abortion politics and what Sabrina Maddeaux needs to do if she’s pro-abortion is vote for Justin Trudeau for “the Greater Good” of abortion politics.

I argue Justin Trudeau is merely trying to look into the future of Feminism, get ith the times Sabrina Maddeaux, Steven Guilbeault is working behind the scenes to make Bill C-10 law which will control speech on the internet if Trudeau and Guilbeault are successful you and people who think like you can kill as many babies as you want. Bill Gates wants to kill babies, you know because humans are bringing too much life into the world “yuck” so Sabrina Maddeaux you have it, confused girlfriend, socialism is all about “The Greater Good” and Justin Trudeau is one of YOUR leaders, learn to trust him

Sabrina Maddeaux: I’m pro-choice and Justin Trudeau’s abortion politics infuriate me |

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