Review – Is it a scam?

Access Training From Home is a website that offers another work-at-home opportunity. It is similar to other work-at-home websites that offer exaggerated earnings. According to Access Training From Home, anyone can earn as much as $225 per hour simply by posting links.

More about AccessTrainingFromHome

Access Training From Home features the story of a work-at-home mom named Ashley Williams, who is said to be earning millions now by just working online. In addition to Ashley Williams’ so-called rags to riches story, the website’s also making use of an advertorial, an ad that looks like a real news story. This marketing strategy is used to lure consumers to purchase their Home Revenue Development Program. By signing up in this program, one would receive a link to the Wealth Development Center, lifetime access to the VIP Members area, unlimited personal support, and more.

The Warning Signs

There are a lot of things about that make it more of a scam than a legit work-at-home website. One, the way it describes link posting is totally wrong. You don’t earn simply by posting links. Instead, advertisers pay you a commission for every sale made through the links you posted.

Second, there’s no way to verify whether its claims are true or not because the links in its page are non-clickable.

Third, its earning claim is simply exaggerated. And lastly, the way it sells its program seems to follow the same format of other known online scams.

Final thoughts on

With the way works, it’s clearly a scam. You really don’t need to sign up in a special program that’s worth almost a hundered dollars just to learn link posting. Also, legit websites has clickable links to verify its claims, provide realistic earning projection, and provide details of the business opportunity it offers.

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