According to a CMHC report: COVID-19 and not the Canadian Governments response to Covid-19 worsened housing shortage throughout the Northern Territories – November 18, 2021,

So in order for the MODERN CMHC to justify its existence, while at the same time deflecting blame from the Federal Government, it needs to create and justify government incompetence. All of a sudden a housing shortage problem in the territories that existed long before 2019 is Covid-19’s fault?

Now, just so I’m clear because when I write these posts and someone in the CBC finds it, they’ll change their CBC post, it’s happened several times, but in the post below the date is 2017 and it’s discussing housing shortages, there are all sorts of these stories, and you don’t need me to point this out, as the people living there for yourself.

‘Inadequate and unsafe’ Inuit housing needs national fix, say senators(2017) |

If we’re to have an honest conversation about the housing problems in the territories, the answer is simple, there’s too much government involvement in the housing. Politicians don’t build housing, the private sector builds housing, and one of the many reasons the CMHC shouldn’t be involved in mortgages and the Bank of Canada shouldn’t be manipulating interest rates, is that from a FINANCIAL perspective it makes far more economic sense to build housing in major Canadian towns and cities.

Pregnant and homeless in the Arctic: housing crisis hits Canadian territory(Thu 29 Oct 2015) |

It’s expensive to bring food to the Territories and up north the people there vote Liberal, which equates to market constraints in a part of the country that’s currently less desirable for the private sector. In the Territories, they should have the opposite approach and be working to ATTRACT investment, because if private entities were going up north because they could make a profit, the builders would come to the Territories to get a piece of the action.

Because the Territoires, vote Liberal, it’s like a death knell to their communities. As an example, there are certain companies I don’t invest in because the people in those countries, tend to want to nationalize private industry, run to the government to regulate, or blatantly extort the companies bringing wealth to their regions.

It’s every human right to hate capitalism and the private sector, but if you’re attempting to build a socialist utopia, you’ll need to offer someone some sort of incentive to leave their families and build housing for people they don’t know. Furthermore, it’s not only about building housing, as you’ll see in the 2017 story I added to this post, it’s also about MAINTAINING the home or apartment.

If the area is a low-income housing development, and the people who reside there don’t have the will or the skills to maintain the property, that presents another problem. Even in Toronto, there are a shortage of elevator repairmen I know in many parts of Canada there are complaints about access to clean water, these problems are usually MAINTENANCE related problems

Now, because CBC, the CMHC, and other Federal government agencies, want to make sure they receive adequate funding to protect their right as a government entity to exist, they ignore the obvious, and write misleading articles, to deceive the public and worst promote an economic system that’s going to continue to impoverish people in the Northern Territories.

The Northern Territories should be rich, and the education systems in the North should be teaching the people how to flourish, but instead, the education system in most parts of Canada, is a Left Wing indoctrination camp which is really sad because it creates this cycle of poverty that won’t allow these people to escape from.

As Canadians we should all be familiar with how a market economy works and why it works, it shouldn’t matter if you think it’s fair or not, if it’s not fair, before you destroy it, at the very least test out your theory. The world has tried all sorts of socialist theories, including the CMHC getting involved in the Mortgage market, socialism fails every time.

Look at how expensive housing is now? House started to rise once CMHC started insuring mortgages, prior to CMHC housing had a much easier to manage DEFLATIONARY problem. Ever since the CMHC got involved in the housing market, fewer people can now afford to buy homes? When Covid-19 hit not only did the Canadian Federal government send Canadians free money but banks were forced to offer their clients mortgage deferrals, now think about that for a moment, because there are regulations in place, that are supposed to make sure that not only can a Canadian afford to pay their mortgage, that Canadian should also be able to save money for an emergency or a rainy day.

These are the disasters created by the Federal government and by the way, there are Federal COVID-19 laws in place that put constraints on the economy, which don’t need to be there, so to say that COVID-19 caused the housing problem and not the Federal Government is very misleading. Covid exists, but it’s the Federal governments’ RESPONSE to covid that caused these problems.

COVID-19 worsens northern housing shortage: CMHC report |

Interesting times ahead!