According to an Ipsos poll exclusive to Global News, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is seen as the best choice for the Prime Minister of Canada – September 29, 2022,



As most Canadians know, Justin Trudeau LOST the popular vote TWICE, in 2019 and in 2021, and the 2021 loss in the popular vote and the reality that Trudeau got a SMALLER percentage of votes was the writing on the wall that his days are numbers. I’ve stated in the past that I consider Global News biased towards The New Democratic Party of Canada(NDP), which is why in my opinion, they’re eagerly publishing this polling data because if you’re paying close attention to the politics of Canada, the NDP could LEGITIMATE destroy the Liberals if Justin Trudeau steps down.

What’s damning about Trudeau’s 2021 loss is the amount of vote buying he engaged in. Trudeau bought as many votes as he could for the 2021 election and he ran against a very WEAK Conservative candidate in Erin O’Toole and his percentage of total votes shrank BELOW 33%(32.62%). Jagmeet Singh actually got more popular, but I’d argue that the difference between the modern NDP and the modern Liberals, is that the NDPs numbers would likely remain where they are regardless of who their leader is, whereas with the Liberals, they’re very reliant on Justin to sell their vision.

Poilievre overtakes Trudeau as leader seen as best choice for prime minister: poll

Pierre Poilievre is merely the voice of common sense; he’s doing what I think ALL Conservatives should do, focus on the economy. No matter how hard Conservatives try, there will be ebbs and flows, and maybe Canadians simply get tired of a competent, well-run, efficient government that shrinks deficits and promotes freedom. It happens, and it’s why I always recommend while Conservatives are in power, they should ALWAYS reverse EVERY DRACONIAN LAW, and replace every Liberal, Left Wing judge they can, while they can.

Because truth be told, they have to anticipate that one day they(The Conservatives) are going to lose, and a crazy Left Wing despot like Trudeau is going to come along and DESTROY the economy. I use the word Despot to describe Trudeau because he’s been able to govern like he’s held a majority when he’s really not that popular.

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If the NDP doesn’t exist, we’re not sure what this country looks like because voters, when given the chance NOT to vote for the Liberals, DON’T. This has been true for a long time in Canada, and it’s time that we acknowledge the complexities of our country. Where Jagmeet Singh and the NDP come into play, is that they have to think into the future, as pointed out in the Global News article, in LESS THAN A MONTH, Pierre Poilievre is seen as the better Prime minister.

But maybe it’s too early to get excited, I’m certain the mainstream media is going to try to destroy Pierre Poilievre’s life with frequent smear campaigns, and Pierre Poilievre is human, so he’s going to make some mistakes in which the bias media will point to Trudeau as the better leader. But what I’m curious to know is if Canada is genuinely just TIRED of Justin, when Stephen Harper lost, Canada was Tired of Stephen, and Justin who promised to legalize Pot appeared to be the better alternative.

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I don know if Trudeau is planning to legalize Crack-Cocaine, or maybe make CERB a Universal Basic Income, but he’s not finished yet unless, of course, the NDP can take old yeller(Justin) to the back of the woodshed, and well… you know, end their relationship. Now, if Jagmeet were to do this, he’d be sacrificing the coming snap election to destroy the Liberals in a future election.

Jagmeet will be loved by many if he ends this relationship and gets his dental care passed. Will Pierre Poilievre win a majority government if a snap election is called? I’m not sure. But if he wins a minority government, this bodes well for Jagmeet, who can basically force Trudeau into a position of QUITTING. If Trudeau quits, the Liberals don’t have a viable replacement. Chrystia Freeland is NOT a good replacement for Justin Trudeau, both Chrystia Freeland and Andrea Horwath have the most annoying condescending voices I’ve ever heard, and I know I’m not alone on this.

Even though I’m no fan of the former Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, I don’t refer to her as having an annoying voice; there are a lot of women in Canadian politics that can speak well, but Chrystia Freeland is not one of them. Trudeau is cringe-worthy, he’s a walking embarrassment, but he’s a “TRUDEAU.”

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With that said, my thoughts on Pierre Poilievre being viewed as the best candidate to become Prime Minister doesn’t surprise me; I had Erin O’Toole for the upset in 2021; O’Toole won the popular vote during a period in which Trudeau was buying every vote he could. If buying friends can’t win you a majority, you’re likely on your way out. What we’re all waiting for now is what the NDP decides based on the data.

Poilievre overtakes Trudeau as best candidate for PM by plurality of Canadians

Interesting times ahead!