According to Brian Lilley of the Toronto Sun: Justin Trudeau’s Liberals tell their MPs to be election ready, raise cash by spring 2023 – I believe Lilley It’s the economy stupid – November 29, 2022,


I live in Ontario, and what the Ontario Liberals do whenever they KNOW they’re unpopular is DESTROY the economy on their way out and leave the Conservative Politician to clean up the mess they created. Recently Doug Ford won the last Ontario election in a landslide for one reason; LOW VOTER TURN OUT, the Left-wingers in Ontario and in Canada aren’t that many, but SWING voters tend to show up for the Liberals whenever they’ve TIRED of Conservative rule.


I’ve claimed in the past that the Conservative Party is the largest political Party in Canada in terms of LOYALTY; however, people who only vote when they want a handout will usually vote for the Liberals, and these types of voters are usually INDEPENDENTS, with what I’d consider being Left Leanings views of politics.

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As an example, when Justin Trudeau promised to legalize Pot, he won a MAJORITY; a lot of pot-smoking Canadians didn’t care about the economy; they wanted to smoke pot; Trudeau hasn’t won a majority since 2015; Trudeau lost the popular vote to 2 very weak Conservative Candidates TWICE 32.62%(2021), 33.12%(2019), 39.47%(2015). Stephen Harper never lost the POPULAR vote as Prime minister.  39.62%(2011), 37.65%(2008), 36.27%(2006).

In fact, you’ll notice a trend with Harper in compassion to Justin Trudeau, Canadians liked Harper more and more as he governed, and then in 2015, he lost BIG, and in my opinion, Harper lost big because of POT SMOKERS, I think Harper had to lose sometime, and Justin Trudeau had the NAME recognition and the right message at the time.

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So here we are; Brian Lilley of the Toronto Sun newspaper claims there will be an election in 2023, and what I say is if Trudeau wins it will likely be ANOTHER minority government, can anyone see a path to a MAJORITY for Justin Trudeau in this climate? Maybe there’s something I’m missing; maybe there will be some revelations about Pierre Poilievre yet to be released that will destroy his political career? I don’t know; I’m not sure.

I’m not one to count out Justin Trudeau; I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Democracy, but Trudeau did deliver for his Liberal Party; they will enjoy their pensions, and it’s a guarantee that Trudeau will like to join some globalist entity once he exists Canadian politics to enrich himself further. Barack Obama might be a Billionaire when it’s all said and done, and Trudeau will likely aim to make 1/5 the amount of money Barack Obama made after politics.

Jean Chretien made a lot of money working for the Communist Chinese, and I’d argue Justin Trudeau is far more comfortable being IMMORAL than Jean Chretien could ever dream of, so the skies are the limit for Justin. With that said, some Canadians remember Joe Clark in the 1979 election defeating Pierre Trudeau only to have Trudeau beat him in 1980.

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The War Measures Act was called under Pierre Trudeau for reasonable reasons; there were, after all, KIDNAPPINGS and killings of politicians; Justin Trudeau declared the emergencies Act for the dumbest reason imaginable; lucky for him, Stephen Harper filled the courts with Liberal judges who are paying dividends for Trudeau. Justin Trudeau, to date, however, has FAILED to live up to his father, but it does seem like he’s trying to make dad proud.

Personally, I see NO path to a majority for Justin Trudeau; even if I’m on the far left, I’d be scared to give Trudeau a majority because giving a man like Trudeau a majority equates to accepting all the baggage that comes along with this stupid economic ideas. Life has gotten WORSE under Trudeau, especially if you’re part of the working class.

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If you don’t like to work and you love welfare, Trudeau is a God send, but anyone with common sense knows what Trudeau is doing to Canada is NOT sustainable; with that said if Pierre Poilievre inherits Trudeau’s economy in 2023, he’d better understand that Canadians have SHORT memories, so he’d be wise in my opinion not to make any UNNECESSARY promises to voters.

Furthermore, Pierre Poilievre should be prepared to play dirty politics because if by spring 2023 we’re referring to Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre, the left is going to throw everything they got at him, which is why in my opinion, candidate Pierre Poilievre should not rule as Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre. PM Poilievre would be wise not to say too much and speak more with actions and less with words.

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I’ve frequently sung the praises of Premier Doug Ford, who doesn’t say much; Doug Ford certainly isn’t perfect, but I like the man; I get what he’s doing, he’s a lot smarter than he’s given credit for, and loud mouth gotta win every debate Pierre Poilievre could learn a lot by saying less as Prime Minister. Pierre Poilievre should not emulate the stupidity of Donald Trump, I’m a believer that Donald trumps style of politics will lose favor in 2023, and I hope if an election is called that Pierre Poilievre comprehends that loud mouth conservative politics is falling out of fashion.


LILLEY: Trudeau’s Liberals tell MPs to be election ready, raise cash by spring |

Interesting times ahead