According To Leger Marketing Inc. Poll Canadians cutting back spending on groceries, restaurants as inflation rises (Late Stage Socialism) – March 18, 2022


If you’re a believer in Austrian economics, you’d imagine that inflation is the expansion of the money supply, which to be fair is what’s happening, unfortunately, the architects of this modern monetary system, made sure when they created this modern fiat system, that the expansion of the money supply revolved around DEBT!


When money was backed by Gold, it was easier to see if the money was worthless, because of what the FIXED exchange rate was for gold. But now that the convertibility of fiat money for gold is left to “Market” forces, fiat currencies and their values are based on whatever fiat currency has the best infrastructure around it.

Currently, the U.S dollar is the most transparent currency on planet earth, the Euro-Dollar market has more U.S dollars than America has, ignore what they’re trying to convince you about Bitcoin, the U.S dollar is the currency that criminals prefer to use to engage in illicit activities. Once you understand that modern inflation, is being driven by government regulations, you’ll start to imagine fiat money differently.

Is rule by fiat money a confidence game? Sure it is, but it’s more than that, because fiat money trades on the forex markets, you have the ability to see what your local currency can buy outside of your country. The Canadian dollar as an example has a lot more purchasing power outside of Canada than it does inside of Canada, why is that? Because of domestic regulations on the Canadian economy.

I can’t point out all the regulations Canadian residents pay in Canadian dollars in Canada that they wouldn’t have to pay if they could spend Canadian dollars outside of the country, but it will be obvious if you travel. Most Canadians aren’t consciously aware if this, nor should they be, if they don’t travel, but when you escape the Canadian economy, you’ll be able to abandon the myth, that inflation is being caused by money printing.

Once you comprehend what’s causing inflation, you’ll be able to make much better investments. So currently Canadians are cutting back on luxuries, why? Because of bad economic policies. Most Canadians imagine that rising prices are random events, or caused by wars in faraway lands. Unfortunately, the truth is current inflation revolves around regulations on the economy, because in case you haven’t been paying attention, most of the money in circulation, exists via debt, fiat currencies are debt, once the money is no longer backed by Gold, the money is DEBT!

Late Stage Socialism is a term I use to describe the end of a socialist cycle, government intervention in the economy is either going to lead to HYPERINFLATION or austerity measures. Because when inflation is running rampant, what I think is going to happen is that politicians are going to try to combat inflation by spending more money into the economy.

I like to point out that government spending is actually government investments into the economy and once you understand this, you’d conclude that government deficits equate to governments inability to make smart investments, so if the path forward is for the government to keep spending and conserving existing regulations on the economy, we’re headed for hyperinflation.

Regulations on the economy equate to permanently increased costs for people, if the government is unwilling to get rid of the carbon tax as an example and the government imagines that going into more debt will stop inflation, it’s wrong, government regulations combined with government spending equates to accelerated INFLATION and on the other end of this inflation are debt servicing costs, which even at near rock bottom central bank interest rates are causing all sorts of problems for the private sector.

What I described above is Late Stage Socialism and there are three ways out of this, stagnation, hyperinflation, or austerity measures-pick your poison!

Canadians cutting back spending on groceries, restaurants as inflation rises: poll |

Interesting times ahead!