Is Action Alerts PLUS a scam?

Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts PLUS gets a good review but be warned that Jim Cramer doesn’t exactly have the best track record I’m sure many of you have seen the daily show with Jon Stewart where the two went at it. Personally I thought that Jon Stewart made some really good points on that show. The number one point that I would like to make is for people to learn to think for themselves. Now I want to make it clear that I don’t give investment advice; but what I do whenever I invest is I make my investments based on things or products I believe in.

Confidence in your investments

That way I feel confident about my investments whether they go up or they go down. In my opinion that’s the best way to approach investing if there’s something you’re interested in or something you’d like to see developed invest in it. There’s no one person that knows it all. Jim Cramer and Stephanie Link and the entire TheStreet All star pros are great at what they do but they don’t have the all the answers for everyone. When you sign up try to keep that in mind, ask questions like does what they’re saying make sense to you and have a debate in your mind and then make your decision to invest.

Action Alerts PLUS price

As long as you understand the costs involved in joining Jim Cramers Action Alerts PLUS and he delivers on his promises then you can’t call him or his products a scam. He also does offer a 30 day refund I personally recommend at least skimming through the terms and conditions before signing up. The price as of August 2011 is $59.95 per month or if you choose an annual subscription you’ll be charged $349.95 per year which is pretty good. Below is the video I mentioned earlier between Jim Cramer and Jon Stewart.

[youtube id=”8RkqzRs95Sc” w=”425″ h=”350″]