AddNewFriends Review Is it a Scam

If you are with a good SEO company one thing they will usually pressure you to do is to get into social media. Myspace blaster is an excellent way to do that on auto pilot. Personally i don’t have to time to waste on building my network on every single social media account i create. That’s where things like Add new friends comes into play.

First the downside when you use bots like these expect to get bots added to your account bots tend to find bots and join each other but they key i alwys to grow your network to where when people see it or they see you have a few thousand or hundred thousand page views on you myspace page some people tend to think there’s allot going on with you and will tend to check in more often or be alert whenever you make a post or a change to your account.

This also leads to customers and also leads to traffic to your website(s) allows to do all of this on autopilot now make sure you follow the instructions so you don’t get your accounts canceled  nothing is more annoying than getting a bunch of people and then having your myspace account get terminated.

That being said in the event your myspace account is terminated you can always contact support with the infomation of your new myspace account a  get back up and running again. Social media is here it’s getting bigger and bigger daily myspace is in a good position to out last many of it’s competitors i even wonder how long facebook will last because of the mount of personal information they ask people, myspace on the other hand is allot less personal and has a way better audience especially when it comes to selling things.

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