Adhitz Information in my opinion is a very creative idea they combine features seen on both and AdSense and created an interesting easy to understand advertising market place. The downside to their program however is the quality of advertising they offer. When using an advertising platform such as in my opinion one should investigate into the type of websites it uses as publishers. Many of the publishers are affiliated with Paid to click and paid to read emails websites and as an advertiser myself it’s important to know that these sorts of websites tend to have the lowest levels of traffic on the internet.

Website Traffic Quality

If you follow my blog you will notice a consistent message and that’s quality targeted traffic. If you want quality food you’re not going to go to McDonalds similar rules apply when you’re looking to build traffic to you website. Adhitz is providing a great service for the internet but don’t confuse Adhitz with Adwords, Facebook ads or MSN Adcenter, because the quality of visitors you’ll be getting from Adhitz will be completely different. Personally I’ve used sites like to test out my campaigns but I’ve never used them as the advertising platform for my main campaign. In my personal opinion that’s how you should view

Is a Scam?

In my opinion absolutely not, personally I think is a genius idea, the only thing I would change is their traffic quality, I’m writing this mainly because some people have confused, does what many pay per click platforms don’t do, which is it shows the publishers in its system, as an advertiser you can’t ask for anything more than that. That being said it’s your job as the advertiser to seek out or look into the types of traffic those publishers offer.

Final thoughts on

Very creative advertising platform but don’t get it mixed up Ad words or Ad center. Before signing up with them you might want to do a background check on some of their publishers, this way if you decide to use them you can do so on level playing field.

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