As many of you know I am very active in the Pay per Click market, you will constantly hear me bash online business systems where by you pay someone a monthly fee so they can “promise” to double your money. Of course many people think I’m just ranking and fail to realize that PPC is how I make my living working from home is how I am able to fund other business ventures I have like this one.

If you want to honestly work from home you should SERIOUSLY consider Pay per Click marketing. Now I know many of you even those of you reading this think Pay Per Click marketing is risky “and it is” but the risk is limited when know how and where to target and also understand who your customer is.

Is a scam?

The answer is No.

What is Adknowledge and how does it work?

This is taken from the Adknowledge about section of their website ” Adknowledge is a performance-based advertising network that utilizes powerful predictive technology to connect advertisers with consumers across multiple channels, including email, search, domain, and social networks. Over 50,000 advertisers use the Adknowledge ad network to promote their offers.” is very similar to Google adwords and yahoo search marketing on both ends because unlike the cheaper pay per clicks the Adknowledge system actually TARGETS customers for you.

“Adknowledge has developed patent-pending technologies that use predictive analytics to study completely anonymous consumer response patterns and display the most relevant advertisement possible per impression. “

meaning better returns and click through ratio’s on both ends, I did a review of a while back and I have since stopped using them because I found there ads were not targeted effectively at all. Adknowledge understands targeting and there system handles it automatically.

Some stats to note as of today March 15, 2010 Adknowledge accounts for

– 25 billion impressions per month
– 80 million clicks per month
– Over 50,000 advertisers

Adknowledge Spam

If you’ve received any spam from Adknowledge it’s usually caused from affiliates and you should contact to report your spam complaints. I mention this because i was actually spammed by one of their affiliates at one time.

Adknowledge’s Advertiser Options

I will admit I am not very familiar with the publisher options of as I tend to stick with Google on most of my sites so I will take this opportunity to explain Adknowledge’s Advertiser options from an Advertisers perspective. currently has three options to choose from

-Premium Network in which advertisers can have their offer featured within a customized email creative, and is delivered to relevant users.
With email and search, your listing appears in email campaigns and top-tier search results, also Targeting technology matches ad (email or listing) to user based on category.

Standard Network No keyword management – Bids are set at the category level. Predictive targeting technology determines ad delivery across multiple search properties, which optimizes your campaign ROI. Higher open rates – Targeting technology leads to increased open rates and better qualified traffic.

Last but not least my current Favorite Social Network
in which you Display your ad to consumers across social networks and websites, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo. This network serves over 10 billion ad impressions per month and currently has served me the best.

In case you’ve been asleep for the past few years advertising on Social networks is one of the best markets online it’s the reason people keep talking about what to do with Facebook, social networking is a place with what I like to call a “sitting duck target market place”. Likeminded people gather together in social media sites and tend not to research much before making a purchase.  If you target right in this arena money pours out I am trying not to stray from the topic here but I hope you get my point.


You can try them on both ends. I’ve gotten allot of personal emails from people asking me what should I use if I had my AdSense account canceled well would be a good start from my view. if you’re not scared to invest I would highly recommend getting into some sort Pay Per click Training. There are plenty of free PPC trainings available online and nothing pays more and pays more faster than Pay Per Click Marketing.

Please leave any comments, questions, or even disagreements you might have regarding Adknowledge. Your comments help others.

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