review is it a Scam?

This blog post is about’s guaranteed pop under traffic. Pop under traffic is a very tricky type of traffic and the reason I say this is because if you choose to use this sort of traffic your website will be the annoying pop up that many people complain about. What separates pop under traffic and pay per click markets like Google Adwords is the mere fact that it’s nearly impossible to target using pop under traffic at least to the level that one could get from pay per click marketing, what makes things worse for pop under traffic is the fact that the pay per click market has expanded and there are lots of pay per click companies that will charge their customers as little as 2 cents per click.

Adminder Guaranteed visitors

The pop under market is very secretive and the reason for this is because many of the websites that use pop under traffic usually promote things like free music, watch free movies, free software downloads or large file hosting that sort of thing. The keyword to remember here is free, if you’ve struggled to make a profit using pop under traffic you might want to ask yourself if you and you’re website are offering anything of value for free. Gambling sites from my personal experience made me the largest profit from pop under traffic.

Now if you notice that on’s order page they state that


Guaranteed Target Clicks  >>  URLs promoted via this service can NOT contain adult content, sexually themed material, tobacco sales, discriminatory practices, hate/violence, weapons sales, pharmaceutical sales, illegal downloads, or gambling.


This is the reason why I’m not a huge advocate of pop under advertising. The market where pop under marketing works the best is gambling, illegal downloads and sexually themed material, typically the other markets are ignored by customers and considered annoying to average every day surfers. That’s why in my opinion targeted pop under traffic doesn’t work. That being said’s customers do get targeted clicks to their website it’s just the quality of those clicks might be low.

How to profit from pop under traffic

I’ve said this on plenty of occasions the way to profit from pop under traffic is grab your audience’s attention immediately, you need an attention grabbing website. Your website or the website you’re promoting should have colors and be presented in a way that will make people say to themselves “hey what’s going on here”. Sometimes a website with a beautiful woman will do the trick or a website that has something extreme going on with it. Remember your site will be the annoying pop under and if you want to get a customer you need to make sure that you grab that user’s attention as soon as they land on your webpage. Doing my research this is why I typically will only use pop under traffic if I’m promoting a gambling website. That being said there things to consider about pop under traffic if you’re a non-gambling webpage.

I know this is happened to you before where you we’re surfing the internet and landed on a page accidently and you may have stayed on that page for 5 – 10 minutes trying to figure out what was going on with it. Try to remember or try to find that webpage and analyze what about that webpage kept you interested then go back to your website and ask yourself if your website or the webpage you’re promoting gives you that similar feeling. Even though my personal experience with didn’t make me any profit I don’t think is a scam, like anything else it will work for some and will not work others. Like I stated earlier I think pop under traffic is better suited for an underground market, that being said I’ve known people that have succeeded using pop under traffic in traditional markets such as online stores, affiliate marketing and multi level marketing.

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