Personally i won’t be putting my advertising dollar into because to me the type of traffic they are selling is junkie traffic. yes i use traffic exchanges like but see i know what to expect from a traffic exchange.  In my opinion once you get into advertising sources where you are promoting your business to users that are there for the same purpose you are you begin limiting yourself as well as your opinions.

if you are selling a make money online program or something similar to that ad-renaline in my view is the wrong place to start sure you might get lucky and get a sale but 9 times out of ten this will not happen. the people that sign up are going to be there for the same reason you are. these people will be already apart of some sort of MLM, Matrix, HYIP or internet marketing program. These users will be skeptical instead of curious to sign up for your programs.

This is only my opinion though you may find that  works out for you. the idea in itself seems pretty creative i like the 80% of all membership fees go back to AD-renaline members in the form of 5 separate income streams feature seems like it might help members who are actively participating in the program. Also the “Low cost advertising (wholesale prices) designed to quickly and easily become self-supporting, meaning you can quickly earn more than your cost, making your advertising not only free but profitable.” feature caught my eye. i’d like to hear any experiences with this program from people so please leave me your feedback.

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