Adsbanger Review

Is Adsbanger a scam, the first question i wondered when i first signed up. The sign up process for Adsbanger is one of the simplest I’ve ever signed up for. Didn’t ask me for much information nor did they review my site to make sure i was getting enough traffic.

I always find it weird even kind of dumb for affiliate companies to have special requirements for a website. Personally my only concern would be do not cheat the system, you cheat the system you don’t get paid, then again maybe theirs more to it than that.

Anyway at this present moment i can’t tell you if is a scam because i haven’t reached the payout yet and plus the company is fairly new but i would still try it. The payout is $100.00 which is just like adsense. Adsense is pretty easy to get to $100 if you getting enough traffic from the right places. I would however stay away from those liars saying they can show you how to make all this money with adsense.

Because the truth about adsense is there is no magic formula some of these people showing you these things just have a bunch of high traffic websites. If you have like $1000 to optimize your websites ofcourse your going to make a bunch of money with adsense is common sense. More traffic means more chances people will click on your adsense. I just added this in as a warning because i’m tired of these scammers fining my email account.

If Adsbanger is a scam i’ll be the first to let you know, I highly doubt that it is. It doesnt make any sense from my view to scam people that are going to help you grow your business then again some of these companies are scams. Also if you sign up DON’T get your friends to click on the ads just read some SEO material and you’ll be fine. Nothing happens over night but if you put time into your website the money will come out eventually. It’s always worked for me.

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Update December 29 2009

Adbanger content is still in its baby stages and most of the ads are the same. i dont think Adbanger currently has much advertising so much of the advertising i’m seeing is promoting adbanger which has caused me only to use One block of advertising on my website. Out of the three i use which is bidvertiser, google adsense and infolink adbanger is bringing in almost nothing.

I’m all for small business so let it grow and blossom and see if they will pay me which at the end of the day is the only thing that matters. just an update before new years & Happy New Years to All of you BEST WISHES in the new year!!!

Just an update today is January 5, 2010 unless something really dumb happens i should be reaching payout at most in two weeks I will let you know what happens. I thin i would have reached payout sooner if adbanger had more advertisers because my adsense has over lapped adbangers now by $400 within the same time span. So i might pull the plug after this. Or wait until they get more advertisers. Well this all depends if i actually get paid. Just an update.

Hello again well today is January 16 2010, and i have a major update to give you all and this is the exact reason why I was waiting until i received payment because right now is having hosting issues not certain if these are permanent but hosting problems where it says “This account has been suspended” that’s an issue someone like me DOES NOT want to see under any circumstance it shows me your inability to pay hosting, if you can’t do that there’s a good chance you can’t afford to pay me. I will watch it but now FOR SURE i will be pulling out of adbangers the message also reads

“This page is currently unavailable
If you are the webmaster for this site, please contact your hosting provider’s support team for assistance.”

Need i say more. let me know what you think or if the status has changed in your area. I know some of you blog owners can not use adsense for those of you you canMake money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

Update January 24 2010 yes they do pay took a week but they came through i was worried when they website was closed but i guess it was just one of those things anyway it’s official as of now they pay. well at least they paid me Sign up Page