What is Adv-Adserver

Some of you might not be aware of what Adv-Adserver.com is. I am making this post in the event some of you have a website and using this type of traffic is against your terms of service. Adv-Adserver.com is nothing more than a pop under service. Some of you might have been familiar with AOL a few years ago and the problem of pop under ads with Aol well that’s basically what Adv-Adserver.com is. If you have a website that has affiliates on it there is a good chance they are using a service that is associated with pop under advertising.

Is Pop under traffic against your terms of service?

It’s nothing to be alarmed about unless of course it’s against the policies of your website or against the terms and services agreement with a company you might be associated with. There are lots of pop under services like this one I just think this one has one of the largest networks.

Pop under advertising is currently undetectable from pop up blockers and many times people who sign up for cheap internet connections are forced to have pop unders enabled. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. Another thing I want to mention is that pop under traffic is usually on Proxies sites so there’s no telling where the actually pop under traffic is coming from.

Pop Under Traffic is Low Quality

One last thing I want to point out is that pop under traffic is low quality traffic. In fact it’s such a low quality of traffic that the people who run these pop under traffic businesses in many instances are paying 1/10 of a cent per visitor in bulk to purchase this traffic. The main reason this type of traffic is so low quality is because most of the “unique visitors” that are on these types of sites are in fact looking for things like free proxies; free movie downloads and free music.

Another thing I have to point out is that in many instances your pop under advertisement might not even make it to its desired visitor. If someone has anti-virus software installed in some instances the anti-virus software will consider the pop under window as something malicious and block it, plus Google Chrome and Internet explorer unless disabled in many instances will block these pop under windows as well. In my opinion pop under traffic is the wrong way to go

Hope this helps leave me a comment below if you require more information. For the record I am not a professional at this topic I just know a bit about it.

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