How to Advertise With Google Adwords

Advertising using Google adwords in my opinion shouldn’t be a complicated issue especially now in 2011, Google Adwords currently has phone support and using their system is pretty straight forward, they have written tutorials and video tutorials plus they have phone support. I’m writing on this topic mainly because using google adwords in my opinion is not hard, the hard part is choosing your keywords effectively and posting your links under the correct keyword terms.

How to make money with Google Adwords

My opinion on Google Adwords is making sure you use it to promote yourself and/or your products and not someone else’s. Even if you’re an affiliate marketer make sure you use Google Adwords to build your website visitors and your list. When you’re on Google Adwords you demand respect. This doesn’t mean you’ll make a bunch of money but it does mean people will start talking and start to ask questions about you and what you have for sale, sheer curiosity in many instances might get you a few sales with adwords, that being said it’s important that you target your keywords effectively and also make sure you take serious look at your website compared to your competitors.

About your Website

Questions you should ask about your website before you use Google Adwords are ‘how does my website look?’, is my website easy to navigate?, and do I make easy for my potential clients to contact me. I recommend having some sort of email marketing campaign going on when people land on our page or have some sort of live chat. I’ve found that works excellent for me especially in regards to contacting my clients. People typically feel safer giving out their emails if your website has some form of non-intrusive live chat software.

final Thoughts on Google Adwords

Gone are the days where figuring out how to use Google adwords is mystery. If you want to figure out how to profit from Google adwords do it independently. Paying someone to show you the art of Google adwords in my opinion is a waste of time in 2011. If you’re afraid to lose money on adwords don’t bother using it. I looked at Google adwords as an investment and that’s why I’m able to reap the rewards.