Review – Is it a scam?

Advertise to Earn Team of is a new multi-level marketing program that allows you to earn within the comfort of your own home. This money-making opportunity is an example of a forced matrix system, working on a 5×5 matrix. This means that members are only allowed to have 5 downlines. If you are interested in this business opportunity, you must be willing to pay $15 for every 3 months.

More about Advertise to Earn Team

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is no longer new in the internet. In fact, they have been existing for a very long time. One of the newest forms of MLM is this forced matrix system. This is called as such because a member is only restricted to a certain number of downlines, depending on the kind of matrix system. As with Advertise to Earn Team, it is restricted to only 5 downlines for every member.

The concept behind the forced matrix system may seem like a contradiction to the constant flow of money that MLM brings. However, this isn’t really the case because as a member, you still earn continually even if you have filled up your matrix. You still earn from the earnings of your members and from the people they have referred. If you have completely filled out your matrix, you can move into a new position and start all over again.

Final thoughts on is a fairly new multi-level marketing opportunity. Just like any other business opportunity, this one also requires time and effort if you wanted to succeed. If you’re new into this kind of money-making opportunity, it would be better to read further about it first before signing up in Advertise to Earn Team.

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