Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc is a New Canadian Stock Exchange (Understanding Aequitas NEO-L) NEO Exchange

First and foremost I don’t give financial advice, so don’t take anything you’re reading in this post as financial advice. Watch the video below to learn more about “Aequitas NEO-L” which is a blessing in disguise. If you’re reading this in 2021, you might want to consider buying those FANG STOCKS before people catch wind of what’s happening.

If you buy or trade stocks, you see the corruption, I’ve personally made it a habit not to click the buy button until I’m committed to buying, because the manipulation in the TSX should be so apparent to every Canadian by now and the Aequitas NEO Exchange looks to change that. There’s a reason why you’re seeing FAANG stocks show up in the Aequitas NEO Exchange, the government is too stupid to know what’s happening or how to fix it, and there’s little to no incentive for the TSX to address the problem.

What is a Canadian Depositary Receipt (CDR)?

So if you’re reading this early on, you might consider yourself one of the lucky ones, but at the same time maybe the Aequitas NEO Exchange is also corrupt? I’m a buyer of FAANG Stocks, minus Facebook. The video I point to in this post is actually dated in 2018, and I personally believe that in 2021 they’ve got all the kinks out, which is why you’re seeing FAANG STOCKS showing up for Canadians, I bought but don’t consider my purchase as investment advice contact your financial planner or an expert you trust.

On the Canadian Side, I own Tesla Inc, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple Inc, Alphabet Inc, and Netflix Inc. via “Aequitas NEO-L”. the price I bought was under $40 per share for each, excluding broker fees, at the time of this posting Tesla was the most expensive, the rest were in the $25CAD range. If I get screwed over, I’ll update this post, I don’t have big positions, I have a buy and hold strategy and never recommend spending money you do not have, contact a PROFESSIONAL financial advisor, I am not qualified to give anyone reading this financial advice, I personally can afford the risk, please don’t risk the house and the farm.

The video I provided with this post is very informative if what’s being said flies over your head, rewatch it a few times. I personally love the concept

Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc is a new Canadian Stock Exchange. President and CEO Jos Schmitt details what makes Aequitas NEO Exchange different from existing Canadian stock exchanges: a level playing field. By limiting the opportunities for high-frequency sellers, Schmitt aims to prioritize companies seeking to raise capital.
Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc is a New Canadian Stock Exchange |


I was paid dividends on stocks I purchased through the NEO Exchange, however, there appears to be some problems with glitches. I will continue to monitor and keep people updated. I didn’t invest much money on the Neo Exchange, I’m currently only testing it, I write this because I know some people reading this like to bet/invest big. I’m going to test the Neo Exchange for about a year and post my results.

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Interesting times ahead!