Affiliate Mentors and Affiliate Mentoring

To start this article I want to first talk about affiliate membership sites. When making money online I always recommend you DO NOT spend your own money to make money. Although this is bit repetitive on my part i want to again say that i made my first $40 online around 10 years ago from an online company called Karmic Cash since then i’ve made it my goal not to use online internet money to pay internet bills.

If you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, or the U.K in my opinion there is no reason why you CAN’T have your online bills paid every month. You can click here to learn more. Although I know some of the ideas i present might not be what you like the bottom line is they pay. Now on the subject of membership sites I don’t like or recommend you pay anyone to join there membership unless it’s something specific that is vital to your business. If what i just said flew over your head that’s exactly what i mean.

Companies like Wealthy Affiliate Maverick Money Makers and others provide people with information or services people can get for less or for free. The main reason people join these places is because seasoned affiliates brought them there. Now i’m not saying these membership sites can’t help a person what i am saying is you can save yourself so much money & time by not joining them. Every person i know that is making a six figure income online is targeting something by that i mean they know exactly what audience they want and how to get them. When your business or your mind is at that level the last thing you want to be doing is throughing your money away at a membership website.

At that stage you want something specific to help you reach your goals. but the question is how do you get to the point. Well that’s where you have to learn the different types of internet and affiliate marketing and i have to be honest with you this will take some time usually around 3 month’s. Why does it take so long? well you do have a life don’t you? i know your not going to HONESTLY be sitting in front of a computer everyday so you need to try things out and find different methods to find what works for you. If you were to sign up for like a wealthy affiliate which costs $40 per month you would throw away $120 right there not to mention it affiliate networks take 90 usually to pay there affiliates.  Any way I will discuss this more at the end of this article. First i want to talk about what affiliate marketing Mentors to follow.

What Affiliate Marketing Mentors to Follow, and Why?

Affiliate marketing has been in the Internet industry for quite sometime now and it is among the most popular tools used by many online entrepreneurs today. It is a great option for those who want to put up an online business quickly and cheaply. However, there is still a large number of the population who knows a little or even nothing about it. And most of the people who have just discovered this business usually assume that they can easily make big bucks out of it. Well, they’re definitely wrong.

To be successful in affiliate marketing business is not an easy task and it will never happen overnight. It’s just like an ongoing assignment where you need to find out and try various advertising strategies and tactics. This may even require you to sign-up with numerous affiliate programs just to determine which merchants performs well.

Another misconception that affiliates have ‘bout this kind of business is that they expect to gain more if they place about 20 affiliated banners on just one niche. Well it will not really work the way you think it would because once your site is flooded with too many banners, it will look like a link farm and visitors won’t be interested and won’t even bother clicking on any of those banners. So if you really want to promote several affiliate programs in your website, make sure that they jive with the theme and topic of the rest of the content on your niche. Bear in mind that three or four affiliated links in your site are enough, depending on the size of the web page.

There are also some who think that if they add affiliate materials to their site, they can receive sales right away. Maybe they just don’t know that affiliate marketing is all about advertising. If there’s no traffic coming to your site, how can you expect to get any sales? Remember that the more you advertise your affiliate link or the site where the affiliate links are placed, the more click thru’s these links are likely to receive.

If you want to be involved or you’ve already joined an affiliate program, but you have the above misconceptions regarding affiliate marketing, then, you might need a mentor to help you figure out where to start and what to do in order to succeed.

In the dictionary, the word mentor is defined as a wise and trusted teacher or counselor. Usually, these persons are experts in the field they are into. They can give expert advice and guidance as well as supervision to another person. So when we say affiliate marketing mentors, they are experienced counselors that have made affiliate marketing their specialty. Affiliate marketing mentors can be those persons that have already been successful in affiliate marketing and are always willing to share their experienced-based knowledge from the viewpoint of both the affiliates and the web merchants. And that’s the reason why we come up with this page. It is aimed to give you the stuffs that affiliate mentors should possess and follow and why do they need these things.

Of course, it is good for an affiliate marketing mentor to know and apply some theories and generalities regarding your business but there’s nothing more helpful and effective than telling the client what works today and what are the things that could probably work in the future and if the trend changes. As a mentor, you should be one of the sources of knowledge for your client and the first one to teach them on how to generate more affiliate income. You too, need to be knowledgeable and equipped with the keys to success for affiliate marketers as well as for merchants. And you should guide your clients as they try to do the things that can help boost their profit because once they do well in that business, it can be counted as one of your great achievements. This also makes you a successful mentor.

There are some articles on affiliate marketing that says, in order to be triumphant in affiliate marketing business, you need to encompass and develop these traits: persistence, patience and thirst for knowledge. And as a mentor, it is your job to help your clients take in these traits within themselves. Once they’ve already developed the above mentioned character, it’ll be very easy for you to explain to them that attaining success in affiliate marketing requires sweat, blood and of course, hefty time commitment. These traits will also teach them not to give up.

Moreover, before you train your client to be proficient in search engine optimization, link exchanges, email marketing, newsletter marketing, reciprocal exchanges and advertising in forums, you should first become expert on these fields. They will surely find it hard to learn these things alone and without supervision from the one who knows best. So make sure that you are knowledgeable on these things before you accept any invitation to be a mentor. Yes, being a mentor is way harder than succeeding in affiliate marketing but this task is very rewarding especially if your client become victorious. The failure of your client is your failure too so you must do your very best to be able to bring your client on the road to success. Again, it is never an easy task and there’s nothing you can do about it. After all, that’s what affiliate marketing mentors are for.


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