After Stomping on Canadian Charter of Rights Tyrannical ‘Liberal’ Government House Leader Mark Holland Wants to Control Freedoms Of Speech: ‘We need to create a thick black line’ – February 1, 2022,

One of the problems facing modern left-wing parties is that humans are getting smarter. In the past, the Liberal Party of Canada as well as the New Democratic Party enjoyed the luxury of not having to debate the public. The Conservative Party of Canada, especially has adjusted it’s tone to meet the guidelines set out by the Leftist political Party’s, which is one of the reasons, why tyrants like Mark Holland feel the need to control your speech.

Extremist groups BURNED DOWN CHURCHES, and there were no calls to create a “thick black line” for these people, primarily because the Leftists imagined that these church burners were potential voters and supporters of theirs. However the Freedom Convoy is a friend of Freedom and Leftists hate freedom because free people are harder to control, the government and it’s not only the Canadian government, all governments have gotten used to feeding a narrative without push back.

The reason Mark Holland feels the need to go after your freedom of speech is that he doesn’t understand that liberty equates to peace. Now, what a liberty movement’s ultimate is is shrinking corporate and government welfare and potentially putting a freeze of government folks enriching themselves at the expense of taxpayers. Ultimately people getting rich via government is what scares most of these politicians the most.

A lot of these politicians have little to offer the world outside of politics, Holland majored in political science and history, he also has a background in finance working for Canada’s biggest banks. No offense to people working in finance, but these white-collar jobs don’t exactly have the best reputations, if you’re working in finance, most o the time you’re working in sales, working in a cutthroat sales environment vs having a cushy government job, most people would opt for the cushy government job.

These politicians do not want to answer tough questions, and that’s what’s happening with the Freedom Convoy, people are beginning to comprehend government tyranny, and because the Canadian government has openly broken the charter of rights and freedoms many are seeing the fate that awaits them. By fate, I should be clear that I mean a changing of the narrative. Justin Trudeau recently announced that h will not meet with Freedom Convoy protestors, why? Because he’s a tyrant and he only sees the need to cater to the base of his Party.

Not ‘intimidated’ by protesters: Trudeau says he will not meet with trucker convoy organizers |

Justin Trudeau clearly engaging in tyrannical behavior wants to be excused, while his opposition feels the wrath of government force. It’s how Leftists are wired, because they live a narrative-based world, they don’t have the muscles to fend themselves off from hard questions, which is why “Tone” is now a thing that leftists use when they’re asked questions they don’t know how to answer.

Liberals and Leftists are supposed to be two different groups, Libertarians have for the most part had to take the Liberal mantle, because weak-minded Liberals terrified of debate, have succumbed to Leftist dogma. Liberal thinkers after all were the ones who stood up to the church, but as you can see Mark Holland now, wants the State to replace the power the Church once had. “That’s not a man, that’s a woman! Biology?, Science? no, he says feels like a woman, and therefore, based on the political science we espouse and the votes we can get he is a woman”

There has been very little pushback against this type of tyranny, why? Because government people are for the most part in charge of educating your children and critical thinking has been under attack for decades and the Freedom Coovoy reminds Canadians of their freedoms, which could potentially open the flood gates of young people asking some tough questions, they may have never considered asking before, because they were taught that they should OFFEND other people

I might not like what a Marxist has to say, but the Marxists not only has a right to speak their political views but also promote it. Lovers of Liberty have been labeled as racist for convenience sakes, and the Liberal Party of Canada is losing the ability to label Conservatives as racists. When the Liberals attempt to brand their opposition with labels, it’s to avoid DEBATING issues, there is only so much time in a day, and if I ask a Leftists a tough question and the Leftist responds by calling me a racist to change the narrative of the conversation, minutes turn to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months and months to years of Left-Wingers not having to debate or engage in the debate of tough issues, meaning that Leftists, might have a tough time understanding liberty because they’ve been living in an echo chamber, and taught by their superiors that when in doubt, give your opposition a label that will leave them sterile.

If it comes across like I’m defending the potential ignorance of Mark Holland, you’re right, I have no ill will towards the man, I think he like Justin Trudeau are LAZY, which they have a right to be if they can get away with it. Canadians can stop tyranny by focusing on the Bank of Canada which finances tyranny and bad big government ideas. In a normal interest rate environment, a politician’s ideas have to be put to the market test.

Why financial education is so important is that if people are liberal enough to debate things, all bad big government ideas can be called into question. Freedom, after all, is based on economics, if the government is willing to bankrupt you to push its agenda and you go along with it, because you’re getting a free government cheque in the mail, the words of Holland might resonate with you. But most people aren’t willing to sell their souls for a government paycheck.

Most Canadians simply don’t understand the immoral behavior of their government and that’s what in my opinion Mark Holland doesn’t want people to understand, that they have the OPTION of rejecting ideas that stomp on The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Extremist behaviour needs to be condemned, Holland says: ‘We need to create a thick black line’

Interesting times ahead!