I agree Canada’s intellectual property landscape is a JOKE: 1 Chinese tech giant filed more patents in Canada last year than any other company – July 7, 2021,

I’m a Canadian and the writer of the article below nails-it, I’m a Canadian and I owns intellectual property, and what I did was, I registered my intellectual properties in AMERICA, The Canadian intellectual property office which is based in Gatineau Quebec is a joke, it’s like they intentionally want to waste people’s time.

It will be hard for you to grasp how corrupt Canada’s intellectual property landscape is until you actually go through the process yourself or even with a Canadian Lawyer. But if you have the financial means, Canada’s intellectual property is a breeze, which is what most foreign companies figured out years ago.

Canada’s intellectual property is all about the Money and Who You Know

Now, first things first do I think Canada’s Federal Government intentionally destroyed The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)? No! The problem in Canada is that our Federal government does things it was designed to do, so resources that should go to areas like the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) are funneled elsewhere.

When Justin Trudeau goes on his spending sprees, a lot of existing federal government entities go ignored As an example, Canada’s military, Trudeau has told Canadian military men and women that there’s not enough money to go around, but yet Ottawa’s finance and economic development committee (FEDCo) has given the green light to a $2.9 million grant to build a new “world-class” Porsche dealership at the corner of Montreal Road and St. Laurent Boulevard?

What Canadians also have to realize is that when the people who care realize that a particular government office is going down the crapper, they leave and what’s left are often the people who don’t care and probably don’t care too much about their important role in Canadian society.

When it comes to anything government-related, a lot of government employees will simply make sure that each step is met and simply give the okay without caring about where a patient or trademark is coming from. Now, I don’t know maybe The Canadian Intellectual Property Office is corrupt, but I’ve been to government offices before, whether it’s municipal, Provincial, or Federal in most government offices you have a lot of employees who simply do not care.

A lot of people who work for the Canadian Government don’t see China as a problem, because they feel isolated from everything. They have a nice cushy job, often they’re unionized, have a nice retirement and it’s hard to fire them. They’ll do the minimum work necessary and then go home, this is human nature and this is why a lot of us people pushing for a smaller government like to point out.

Just because someone is granted a special title, doesn’t absolve them from corruption or outright laziness. If you reward stupidity, you will breed more stupidity. Now, the American trademark office isn’t perfect either, but there are more government people PER CAPITA in America that care about their important role in society than is the case in Canada.

Furthermore, in America, it’s easier to enforce your property rights than it is in Canada. If you register in America, it becomes easier to register in Canada, because Canada’s process is fractured and outdated in many ways. Is this problem fixable? I’m genuinely not sure, because a lot of Canadians do not understand the importance of property rights, often because our schools’ teachers are socialists, which translates to a lot of Canadian students growing up with a Leftist ideology.

In America, some Democrats sound exactly like Canadian Conservatives, meaning that there are enough Americans who understand the role private property plays in a country’s success. Now in the body of the article, I point to below as it relates to patient filings it states the following:

All companies on the Top 10 list were foreign (nine of them American or Chinese)
‘It’s embarrassing’: China’s tightening grip on the intellectual property landscape in Canada | nationalpost.com

Now, I could also be blamed for these low numbers, because as a Canadian I would NEVER file a patient in Canada before filing one in the United States. I know firsthand via personal experiences that The Canadian Intellectual Property Office is a joke. I’m actually shocked that Canadian mainstream media figured this out and wrote about it because I’ve known this dating back to 2007.

I don’t know maybe Canadian media wrote about it prior but I couldn’t find any articles that actually researched what was going on. If you’re in business as a Canadian, you quickly figure out that China has an unfair advantage over you with our FEDERALLY OWNED Crown Corporation Canada Post.

Canada Post argues ta their relationship with China has to do with economies of scale, which is fine, but then why is Canada Post a Crown Corporation if it’s going to give Chinese businesses special parcel delivery prices that Canadian businesses can’t enjoy? This is the stupidity of Canada’s Federal Government, there’s no incentive for Canada’s Federal Government to check up on these things because Justin Trudeau as an example is more focused on buying more votes which means aligning with more special interest groups.

When you’re in business in Canada, if you care about your country, you’ll quickly figure out what’s going on. Our Federal Government is too large, it couldn’t possibly monitor all the vote-buying it’s involved with As I like to point out when economies crash hard, and nobody can figure out why, usually all the signs were there in plain view, but there was no incentive to figure out what was REALLY going on.

The top 10 patent applicants in Canada last year were foreign companies doubling down on science and technology
‘It’s embarrassing’: China’s tightening grip on the intellectual property landscape in Canada | nationalpost.com

Interesting times ahead!