Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

I agree with Terence Corcoran: Steven Guilbeault’s platform should be taken down

So, in the future when Canadians or former Canadians are able to talk freely, we’ll openly look back at this era as the era of the egalitarian era of stupidity. The reality of the situation is quite simple to understand from an economic standpoint.

Central banking is leading to the creation of serfs and slaves because central banking and money backed by political promises to pay for political promises that are demonic in nature, creates an atmosphere that democratically elected politicians are never wrong and are indeed smarter than everyone else.

When enough people believe that politicians are smarter than everyone else, the Steven Guilbeault’s of the world are allowed to emerge and for the most part, nationalize industry. What Steven Guilbeault is doing is bringing about a new ‘ egalitarian world order’ under the guise of environmentalism.

The problem environmentalists have is that freedom of speech allows people to quote factual data and therefore, Steven Guilbeault is trying to control what is published on the internet. Because as most people know modern environmentalism which includes modern egalitarianism is communism in disguise.

The opportunity Steven Guilbeault sees is a short window in time in which the public sector has done a very good job brainwashing the young into believing that becoming serfs and slaves for the government is in their best interests. If people understand the driving egalitarian force that guides Steven Guilbeault they’ll understand that he has one goal in mind and that goal is environmental communism.

Meaning that the government of Canada will be beholden to the environmental globalist. Currently, Canadian healthcare is beholden to the World Health Organization, most Canadians don’t understand why vaccine passports are being normalized, well it’s because of Universal Health Care, which is under the control of the Canadian Federal Government, which takes its marching orders from the World Health Organization.

Well if Canadian energy is beholden to lets say the World economic forum which might have a climate change agenda, regardless of what politician is in power in the future, all the decision-making will have to be approved by the World Economic Forum. What led to Brexit was the exact same thing that Steven Guilbeault is attempting to establish in Canada now. If you’re reading this, don’t assume that Steven Guilbeault won’t get away with this.

Currently, this moron is the Prime Minister of my country

The moron you can watch in the video above was DEMOCRATICALLY elected and I don’t believe there was any voter fraud. I believe Justin Trudeau won both the elections fair and square because based on my observance of Canadians, they appear to love the welfare state and will sell their freedoms for serfdom and slavery.

After all, if serfdom and slavery come in the form of a Universal Basic Income and other welfare egalitarian government initiatives that give some Canadians more benefits than they’re contributing with their own labor, they’ll gladly take that deal.

How this story ends is of course an economic collapse, but I’ve done volunteer work in third world countries, and based on my observations, even when it’s proven that the welfare state doesn’t work, in a democracy in which low IQ people can still vote to keep the welfare State alive and kicking.

What I’m getting at here is that it wouldn’t surprise if Steven Guilbeault is the root cause of Canadians starting to seriously think about secession.

Terence Corcoran: Steven Guilbeault’s platform should be taken down | financialpost.com

Interesting times ahead!