Alberta has almost 4.5 million people and to date less than 2500 Pandemic Deaths, But It’s Election Time and 100K Labor Unions members and Canadian Media Want a Left-Wing Political Victory – September 19, 2021,

So as many people know, the Federal Government gives provinces money for health care and when that money run out it’s gone, because Canadian provinces don’t have a Health Care MARKET, we have a Universal Health Care system, which has market components, but most if not all of those market components are stricken with regulations, which presents a plethora of problems if you’re the Premier of a Province.

Most Provinces in Canada are trapped in situations in which they had to not only raise their cost but also had to deal with labour unions, who currently have Premiers like Jason Kenney in an awkward situation. Should he ask for military/Federal-aid during an election? Why not?

Ontario did it, but you see if you look at the numbers for what they are, this problem although bad is being made worse by the politics of the day. So let me give you an example of what’s going on, so Alberta has over 4 million people, now 1% of 4 million is 40,000 people, well currently Alberta has less than 2,600 TOTAL deaths related to the pandemic virus?

I often like to talk about how the low amount of homicides in Toronto, but, you see if you were to watch or listen to the news 24/7/365 you’d think Toronto was a war zone. The actual problem in Alberta is the amount of attention on to the pandemic because Nurse now have to change their behavior at work because of the new government regulations, I can imagine that’s draining, but the truth is, these conditions exist because of politics and the amount of trust Canadians put into the mainstream media and politicians.

Alberta health-worker unions call on Kenney to request military help with COVID-19 crisis | Global News


Nobody questions if provinces are over-reacting to the pandemic because health care in Canada is centralized, we have a one size fits all health care system and I personally can’t blame medical professionals for trying to squeeze out every last dollar they can get, that’s what happens when you have centralized health care, if Canada had more market fundamentals in our health care system, nurses wouldn’t be so drained, because firstly hospitals probably wouldn’t be as big as they are now and secondly more medical professionals would be working for themselves.

Canada’s Universal health care system is a joke, I’m personally not a fan of Universal health care, but there are countries around the world with universal health care that do a far better job than Canada. Even with our inefficient health care system, Alberta which has over 4 million people has less than 0.07% of their population dying of the pandemic virus and by the way, I’m being extra generous with all the numbers, just to show you how politicized this has become.

Wake up Canada, there’s a possibility you’re being brainwashed!

Alberta health care unions call on Kenney to request immediate military aid |

Interesting times ahead